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Families as they attempted to run away from Baghouz, the last Syrian community under the control of the Islamic State to drop. The IS leaders got away, leaving practically 25,000 of their fans. Credit: Jewan Abdi/ IPS
  • by Jewan Abdi (hassake, syria)
  • Inter Press Service

IPS talked with her inside the little outdoor tents where she has actually invested the last 5 years with her 2 youngsters at Roj camp. At 780 kilometres northeast of Damascus, it holds around 3,000 people with affirmed web links to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (IS).

This global Jihadist team handled to establish an unrecognised quasi-state. By completion of 2015, the self-proclaimed caliphate ruled a location with an approximated populace of 12 million individuals living under a severe analysis of Islamic Law.

After an extreme problem primarily with Kurdish compels backed by Washington, IS blown up of all its Middle Eastern regions in the Spring of 2019. Rozana and her 2 youngsters were after that recorded in Baghouz, the last town under the Islamists´ guideline to drop.

Since after that, a camping tent where a couple of playthings and publications are kept in a different edge has actually been the closest point to a home for her and her youngsters.

“This is no childhood for them,” states Rozena. “They’re missing the most basic things: from fresh air to clean water, not to mention a proper school…”

Some, nevertheless, have actually taken care of to run away from the camp because it was developed. “I know people who have paid up to 15,000 USD but I don’t have such an amount. My only chance to leave this place with my two kids is to be repatriated”, states Rozena.

But Guyana is just one of the nations that declines to repatriate its nationals. Rozana states she’s attempted “absolutely everything” with her federal government, yet that there’s been no response until now. “My kids are certainly not a threat, and neither am I,” she firmly insists.

She likewise is afraid that they could obtain radicalised inside the camp. “Half of the people here still stick to IS’s radical ideology. I can teach my kids the best I can, but they will learn other things from playing with other kids,” describes the restricted.


Although some Syrian residents have actually been brought to justice in Syria’s northeast for affirmed relate to IS, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) does not have worldwide acknowledgment and, for this reason, is incapable to attempt international people.

Figures shown IPS by the AANES indicate over 31,000 youngsters from family members when related to IS still under their custodianship. Many are substantiated of required marital relationships or rape. Most of them rot in Al Hol camp, in the borders of Hassake.

At 655 Km northeast of Damascus, it’s a large location for hundreds of makeshift outdoors tents damaged by the ruthless rainfalls throughout winter months and burning sunlight throughout summer season.

In discussion with IPS, Al Hol camp supervisor Jihan Hanan states there are individuals from 50 various citizenships. But the children posture a significant resource of issue.

“We have only two schools for them, but not all the children are attending these centres, especially the ones from 12 to 18 years old. They´re the most vulnerable here in the camp and many radicalised women trying to brainwash them,” describes Hanan.

She likewise indicates “deadly attacks” in the past. “We had to conduct special security operations. Today the attacks are limited to thefts and threats, and they target NGOs too,” includes the authorities.

According to her, IS resting cells inside the camp are positioning a significant danger. “They are the most dangerous groups, and they are always approaching the children to recruit them,” she cautions.

A preference of home

Repatriation to their native lands is relatively the only escape for lots of. United States State Department resources indicate greater than 3,500 repatriated to 14 nations since 2023.

A 2022 research study performed by Human Rights Watch collecting the experiences of greater than 100 youngsters disclosed that a lot of them are participating in college, with lots of excelling in their research studies. 82 percent of study participants defined the youngster’s psychological and emotional wellness as “very good” or “quite good.”

“Notwithstanding the ordeals they survived both under IS and subsequently in captivity in the northeast Syrian camps, many are reintegrating successfully in their new communities,” wraps up the record.

Sweden is just one of the nations that has actually repatriated a lot of their residents in 2022. But plans altered after the arrival to power of a brand-new federal government allied with the much right, in September 2022.

“These people chose to go there to join IS, one of the cruellest terrorist organisations we have seen, so there’s no obligation on the part of Sweden and the Swedish government to act for these people to come home,” the Swedish international event preacher Tobias Billström stated in a meeting with Swedish TV4 on March 13.

But not every person concurs. Repatriate The Children is a Swedish NGO functioning and promoting to send out youngsters home. “It’s a purely political decision to leave these children there and not repatriate them,” RTC founder and speaker Natascha Rée Mikkelsen informs IPS over the phone from Copenhagen.

“They have already experienced things that no child should see, like war, unsafety, no proper education or no access to proper health care. By leaving them stranded in this environment, the risk of being part of IS ideology remains high,” includes the civils rights supporter.

“If we don’t help these children, I cannot imagine how their lives will be in the future. And this is not only the Kurdish administration’s responsibility,” worries Mikkelsen, that likewise classifies the continuous Turkish airstrikes as “one of the region’s main destabilising factors.”

The AANES has actually repetitively specified that they do not have the sources to provide for these hundreds of family members. Top United Nations authorities have actually likewise gotten in touch with federal governments to repatriate their nationals from the camps.

“Every country should take care of their citizens, especially the women and the children,” Abdulkarim Omar, the agent of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria to Europe, informs IPS over the phone from Brussels.

“We believe it is going to be a long process, that’s why we urge the countries to help us, especially with their citizens,” includes the Kurdish authorities, that likewise highlights the demand to boost the problems of supposed IS detainees under Kurdish custodianship.

When inquired about the opportunity of the outdoors disregarding the trouble, Omar is blunt: “If no action is taken in the short term, we are soon to face a whole new generation of terrorists that will be a threat to all the world.”

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