Agriculture students asked to wear bizarrely-shaped giant hats by university to stop them from cheating in exams


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A STUDENT hopes to be a cut over in an examination — using an anti-cheating hat in the form of a power saw.

He was just one of lots of agriculture students that were asked to placed on daft headwear to stop them glimpsing at schoolmates’ solutions throughout an examination.


A university has actually discovered a method to stop students cheating in exams – obtaining them to wear ludicrously large hatsCredit: Solent
Some students wore helmets in the shape of animated characters like those in Angry Birds or Minecraft


Some students used safety helmets in the form of computer animated personalities like those in Angry Birds or MinecraftCredit: Solent

Other brilliant titfers at Batangas State University in the Philippines consisted of a Minecraft climber and a Pokémon.

Others put on hats of personalities like the Corpse Bride, a Creeper from Minecraft, and Patrick from Spongebob.

There were likewise hats with Anonymous masks, images of Einstein, and one hat with words ‘future agriculturist’ created on it.

Lecturer Angelo Ebora claimed nearly all 70 of the students, aged 18 and 19, participated throughout their test on March 19.

Mr Ebora desired to aid “alleviate his student’s stress during their exams”, while mentor them concerning scholastic honesty.

The hats stopped the students from checking out their fellow schoolmates’ solutions to duplicate solutions.

“I was also very proud of them,” claimed Mr Ebora after he saw a lot of of his students had actually participated.

Harsh institutions in India punished cheating students in their main state exams, in current years.

Teen students taking their exams were not permitted to wear socks or footwear to their examinations.

The strange action was presented in Bihar, an eastern Indian state, to stop shrewd students sliding notes right into the test halls.

Educate and Delegate: A mom’s homeschooling experience

Over 1.8 million Indian kids rather had to take the authorities ‘Class 10’ end-of-year examination using just flip-flops or shoes on their feet, according to the BBC.

The hats prevented the students, aged 18 to 19, from looking at their fellow classmates’ answers to cheat


The hats stopped the students, aged 18 to 19, from checking out their fellow schoolmates’ solutions to rip offCredit: Solent
70 students took part during their exam on March 19


70 students participated throughout their test on March 19Credit: Solent

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