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A mommy and her youngsters are seen learning a cloud of smoke at the Dandora dumpsite, Kenya’s biggest open land fill. Smoke originating from the dumpsite is mentioned as a factor to air pollution in Nairobi. Credit: Jackson Okata/IPS
  • by Jackson Okata (nairobi)
  • Inter Press Service

For five years, Adhiambo operated a makeshift restaurant near the dumpsite, where her main clients were waste pickers working within its environs.

“Working near the dumpsite exposed me to the heavy smoke that billows from the dumpsite. I started developing chest pains gradually and would take painkillers to subdue the pain. It was later that I was diagnosed with asthma,’’ Adhiambo told IPS.

Adhiambo’s doctors told her that prolonged and constant exposure to toxic fumes was the root cause of her asthma. She was forced to close her business since she could not venture out of her house early in the morning, late in the evenings or during cold seasons.

“The closure of my business due to sickness crippled me economically as it was my only source of income. Getting medication and feeding my family has been hard because now I have to rely on my husband, who also works at the dumpsite,” she claims.

Nairobi’s Air Quality

More than 70 percent of Nairobi’s 5.3 million citizens stay in casual negotiations like Dandora, which experts claim have the most awful air quality, with at risk populaces, specifically females and youngsters, birthing the impact of contaminated air. Vehicles, open burning of waste, and commercial exhausts are mentioned as the significant resources of air toxins in Nairobi. Motor automobiles add an approximated 40 percent of Nairobi’s particle issue (PM2.5) air pollution focus, with unlawful discarding and open waste burning adding 25 percent.

And as both the populace and financial outcome of Kenya’s funding maintain increasing, the need for power from nonrenewable fuel sources is additionally rising. The quick development of Nairobi has actually taken an ecological toll on the city, which appears in the aggravating air pollution degrees.  Air pollution in Kenya’s funding is 4.2 times more than the World Health Organization’s (THAT) advised ordinary yearly focus degrees.

According to the World Health Organization, Nairobi’s air pollution is 2.4 times more than advised degrees, with 19,000 inadequate air quality fatalities being reported in Kenya each year.

Tech and Data

To boost her initiatives in combating air pollution, the City of Nairobi has actually been including using innovation. The city monitoring has actually been setting up low-priced air quality screens and sensors to collect and share information on the degrees of air pollution fads throughout the city. The information accumulated is after that examined and led in the formula of plans and lawful structures to fight air pollution, also as East Africa’s financial gigantic jobs in the direction of recognizing her enthusiastic target of ending up being a net-zero environment-friendly city by 2030.

Dubbed AirQo screens, the low-priced air quality sensors established by a group of young design and computer technology trainees at Uganda’s Makerere University remain in usage in 8 nations, consisting of Kenya.

Engineer Bainomugisha, an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Makerere University and lead programmer of the AirQo surveillance system, claims Sub-Saharan Africa does not have functional air quality information that can assist in the formula of correct and efficient plans to fight air pollution. AirQo checks accumulate info regarding air pollution degrees, sorts of air toxins, and air quality

Bainomugisha clarifies that the air quality checks primary goal is to “close the existing gap in air quality monitoring.” AirQo air quality checks accumulate air examples, which are after that examined via a light spreading innovation that evaluates the particle issue focus.

The info is after that communicated to a cloud-based network that figures out the pollution degrees in a details location. The gadgets determine the air particle issue PM2.5 and PM10, which is a blend of strong fragments airborne. They additionally record ambient atmospheric problems such as moisture and air pressure

“The air quality monitors run on a 2G GSM-enabled network configuration for loT sim cards and are optimized to work in areas with unstable internet and power connectivity,” claims Gideon Lubisia, AirQo’s global procedures ingrained systems and network sustain designer.

AirQo has actually additionally established a mobile application that permits individuals to obtain regular and real-time updates on the air quality in their city.  The screens are installed at tactical factors within the city’s Central Business District, enterprise zones, markets, along significant city freeways and in choose houses. while others are installed on motorcycles that relocate from one area to an additional, accumulating information.

Data and Policy Formulation

With the screens in position, Nairobi City has actually had the ability to establish 2 air quality junction installments and facilities referral quality screens, according to Nairobi City County Deputy Director in Charge of Air Quality and Climate Maurice Kavai.

“The one-stop center collocation enables our research teams to compare air quality data collected from various points within the city, which is key in developing appropriate action,” Kivai clarified.

“The availability of periodic data collected by the monitors enables the city to establish the extent of pollution in particular areas, identify the causes, and develop necessary actions,” he stated.

Through air quality information accumulated via the screens and developing the degree of air pollution in the city, Nairobi has actually had the ability to establish a city Air Quality Action Plan along with pass the Nairobi City County Air Quality Act which have actually ended up being important plan and lawful possessions in taking on the trouble of air pollution.

AirQo screens are currently being used within choose cities in 8 African nations, consisting of Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Cameroon, Burundi, Ghana, Mozambique, and Senegal.

Global Push for Clean Air

During the Climate and Clean Air Conference(CCAC) 2024 in Nairobi in between February 21 and 23, 2024, in advance of the 6th session of the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA-6), participant states and companions introduced a Clean Air Flagship initiative to give, to name a few points, data-led plan activity in the direction of combating air pollution

Inger Andersen, UNEP’s Executive Director, stated, “We need to push harder on superpollutants. Just as you need a superhero to defeat a supervillain, we need super solutions to face down super pollutants. And we need you to mastermind these solutions.”

Speaking on the sidelines of the CCAC, Kenyan ecologist Elizabeth Wathuti observed that “the extremely significance of life begins with a breath, a wheeze of air that symbolizes the start of our trip on this Earth. Yet, for a lot of throughout our world, this essential act of breathing has actually ended up being a risk, a threat, and a wager against the chances of pollution and climate-induced misfortunes.” According to Wathuti, the commitment to clean air and a stable climate is not just an environmental cause but a fight for the very right to life.

The World Health Organization estimates that 99 percent of the world’s population lives in places with poor air quality, leading to nearly seven million premature deaths per year, primarily in low- and middle-income countries.

According to UNEP, in Africa alone, ambient air pollution caused an estimated 400,000 premature deaths in 2019, while indoor air pollution caused more than one million premature deaths in the same year. Some of the leading air pollution-related ailments that contribute to these premature deaths include pneumonia, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, chronic lung disease, and lung cancer. Ambient air pollution and household air pollution are associated with 6.7 million premature deaths annually.

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