Alexei Navalny killed ‘by single punch to heart in classic KGB tactic’ after being forced to spend hours outside in -27C


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ALEXEI Navalny was killed with one punch to the heart after being forced to spend hours in freezing temperature levels, it has actually been asserted.

The harsh technique was as soon as a “hallmark of the KGB”, according to the owner of civils rights team Gulagu.web.


Russian resistance leader Alexei Navalny was apparently killed with a single punchCredit: AFP
Navalny's death is alleged to have been ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin


Navalny’s fatality is affirmed to have actually been gotten by Russian President Vladimir PutinCredit: AP
In an emotional video, Navalny's mother today called on Putin to release her son's body


In a psychological video clip, Navalny’s mom today contacted Putin to launch her kid’s bodyCredit: AP

Vladimir Putin’s most powerful residential challenger Navalny, 47, passed away in jail on Friday while offering a 19-year sentence on extremism fees at the IK-3 Arctic jail swarm.

Russia asserted the legal representative passed away of “sudden death syndrome”.

It was later on affirmed that his body had actually been located covered in contusions, as his spokesperson Kira Yarmysh insisted he was “murdered”.

Russian-birthed civils rights protestor Vladimir Osechkin informed The Times that the wounding located on Navalny’s body followed the “one-punch” method formerly educated to KGB unique pressures operatives.

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Osechkin even more asserted that the Russian legal representative was forced to spend greater than 2 and a fifty percent hours outdoors in an outdoor holding cell area where temperature levels were as reduced as -27C.

Prisoners were usually maintained outside for no greater than an hour – a lot less in such severe problems.

The Russian objector’s details was claimed to have actually originated from a resource working in rehabilitative swarm FKU IK-3 – additionally referred to as the Polar Wolf prison – where Navalny passed away.

He claimed: “I assume that they initially damaged his body by maintaining him out in the cool for a very long time and slowing down the blood flow down to a minimum.

“And after that it comes to be really simple to eliminate somebody, within secs, if the operative has some experience in this.

“It is an old method of the KGB’s special forces divisions. They trained their operatives to kill a man with one punch in the heart, in the centre of the body. It was a hallmark of the KGB.”

Navalny’s better half charges Putin of killing partner with lethal novichok – after that concealing body till traces of the toxic substance disappear

Former detainees that have actually offered sentences in the Arctic area formerly reported that prisoners were killed by their corrections officers in similarly, Osechkin included.

Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service originally claimed that the Putin movie critic had “felt unwell” after strolling in the jail, “almost immediately losing consciousness”, which clinical team were not able to conserve him.

A state-controlled network on Telegram asserted the exact same day that he had actually passed away of an embolism.

On Saturday, Navalny’s mom and his legal representative were educated he had actually passed away of “sudden death syndrome”.

Navalny’s sad widow Yulia Navalnaya recommended on Monday that he was killed making use of novichok, the nerve representative which FSB assassins made use of in their effort to eliminate him in August 2020.

Speaking on the opportunity of the toxin being Navalny’s reason of fatality, Osechkin claimed: “It’s feasible obviously, however when somebody is under the control of the jail system there are numerous alternatives as to exactly how to eliminate them.

“Novichok would leave a trace in his body and would lead directly back to Putin, given he has tried it once before.”

Based on details offered to him by his resources, he claimed he thought that Navalny’s fatality was “a special operation that had been prepared several days in advance”.

The fatality of Alexei Navalny

VLADIMIR Putin’s most singing residential enemy passed away on Friday in the Arctic jail where he was offering a 19-year jail term.

Alexei Navalny’s fatality was introduced by the Federal Penitentiary Service of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District at 2.19 pm Moscow time on Friday, February 16.

Russia’s penitentiary solution asserted Navalny “felt unwell after a walk, almost immediately losing consciousness”.

The penitentiary solution specified: “The clinical team of the organization showed up quickly, and a rescue group was called.

“All necessary resuscitation measures were carried out, which did not give positive results. Doctors of the ambulance stated the death of the convict. The causes of death are being established.”

Navalny’s mom Lyudmila, 69, was notified of her kid’s fatality which noted the moment he passed away as 2.17pm neighborhood time on Friday, February 16.

Ivan Zhdanov, that routes Navalny’s Anti-Corruption Foundation, claimed that Navalny’s legal representative and mom got on Saturday informed that he passed away of “sudden death syndrome”.

But an unknown resource informed state-controlled RT that Navalny passed away from an embolism.

Russian private investigators are yet to establish the reason for Navalny’s fatality.

It is vague where his body presently is, although some resources have actually claimed it was taken to a healthcare facility morgue and revealed indicators of wounding.

Osechkin asserted: “It was a command from Moscow because without Moscow it would not have been possible to dismantle the cameras in the way that they did.”

Navalny’s mom Lyudmila, 69, made a psychological address to Putin on Tuesday from outside the prison where her kid passed away, contacting the head of state to launch his body to permit a gentle funeral.

She claimed: “Behind me is the chastening swarm IK-3 Polar Wolf, where my kid Alexei Navalny passed away on February 16.

“For the 5th day I cannot see him. They don’t provide me his body and they don’t also inform me where he is.

“I appeal to you, Vladimir Putin, the option to the concern depends just on you. Let me lastly see my kid.

“I demand that Alexei’s body be immediately handed over so that I can bury him humanely.”

Reports later on arised that Putin presumably had his views established on her various other kid, Oleg.

It was asserted Navalny’s more youthful sibling, a 40-year-old father of 2, was dealing with a brand-new and undefined criminal fee in Russia.

He is presently thought to be abroad and has actually been seen in Cyprus and Germany.

The last picture of Navalny, taken when he appeared via video in court on Thursday


The last photo of Navalny, taken when he showed up by means of video clip in court on Thursday
Russia's brutal 'Polar Wolf' jail above the arctic circle where Navalny died


Russia’s harsh ‘Polar Wolf’ prison over the polar circle where Navalny passed awayCredit: AP
A satellite image of the prison where Navalny was locked up


A satellite photo of the jail where Navalny was secured
Putin now reportedly has his sights set on Alexei Navalny's brother Oleg, left


Putin currently apparently has his views established on Alexei Navalny’s sibling Oleg, leftCredit: AFP

Life of Alexei Navalny

PUTIN’S best recognized challenger Alexei Navalny, 47, passed away in jail on Friday.

Here is a timeline that took the leader of the resistance from the face of flexibility in Russia and the Kremlin’s greatest enemy to a snake pit Siberian jail and onto a very early tomb.

June 4, 1976 — Navalny is birthed in a western component of the Moscow area

1997 — Graduates from Russia’s RUDN college, where he majored in legislation

2004 — Forms a motion versus widespread over-development in Moscow

2008 — Gains prestige for calling out corruption in state-run firm

December 2011 — Participates in mass demonstrations triggered by records of prevalent rigging of Russia’s political election, and is apprehended and imprisoned for 15 days for “opposing a federal government authorities”

March 2012 – Further mass demonstrations burst out and Navalny charges crucial Kremlin cronies of corruption

July 2012 — Russia’s Investigative Committee fees Navalny with embezzlement. He denies the cases and states they are politically inspired

2013 — Navalny competes mayor in Moscow

July 2013 — A court in Kirov convicts Navalny of embezzlement in the Kirovles instance, punishing him to 5 years in jail – he charms and is permitted to proceed project

September 2013 — Official results program Navalny ends up 2nd in the mayor’s race

February 2014 — Navalny is put under residence apprehension 

December 2014 — Navalny and his sibling, Oleg, are condemned of scams 

February 2016 — The European Court of Human Rights guidelines that Russia broke Navalny’s right to a reasonable test

November 2016 — Russia’s Supreme Court reverses Navalny’s sentence

December 2016 — Navalny reveals he will certainly run in Russia’s 2018 governmental political election

February 2017 — The Kirov court retries Navalny and promotes his five-year put on hold sentence from 2013

April 2017 – Survives a murder effort he criticizes on Kremlin

December 2017 — Russia’s Central Electoral Commission bars him from competing head of state 

August, 2020 – Navalny comes under a coma on a trip and his group believes he was infected. German authorities verify he was infected with a Soviet-age nerve representative.

Jan 2021 — After 5 months in Germany, Navalny is apprehended upon his return to Russia

Feb 2021 — A Moscow court orders Navalny to offer 2 ½ years in jail

June 2021 — A Moscow court closes down Navalny’s Foundation for Fighting Corruption and his prolonged political network

Feb 2022 — Russia gets into Ukraine

March 2022 — Navalny is punished to an extra nine-year term for embezzlement and ridicule of court

2023 — Over 400 Russian medical professionals authorize an open letter to Putin, advising an end to what it calls misuse of Navalny, complying with records that he was refuted fundamental drug & struggling with sluggish poisoning

April, 2023 — Navalny from inside jail states he was dealing with brand-new extremism and terrorism fees that can maintain him behind bars for the remainder of his life

Aug 2023 – A court in Russia expands Navalny’s jail sentence by 19 years

Dec 2023 – He vanishes from his jail as his group concern he can be murder. He after that comes back weeks later on in among Siberia’s most difficult jails – the ‘Polar Wolf’ swarm

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