Brown Girl Collective held annual summit


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(KRON) – The Brown Girl Collective held its annual summit in March. 

The summit was entitled “Empowering Brown Women in Business and Beyond” with the style of structure, branding, and service, which mirrors the core worths of the team– empowerment, durability, and credibility.

San Francisco shed 21,000 tasks in 3 months

The owner Lin Denise of the Brown Girl Collective stated the objective of this summit is to produce an ambience to “push and encourage” females thinking about entrepreneurship. 

“It’s a movement that empowers women to rise and thrive,” stated Denise.

The occasion consisted of keynote speeches, panel conversations, and interactive workshops.

The Brown Girl Collective intends to equip and unify Brown females from all profession. 

The Brown Girl Collective occasion remained in collaboration with the City of San Francisco and the African American Arts and Cultural Complex.

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