Car crashes into Concord home once again


CONCORD, Calif. (KRON) – An East Bay household lacks a home after an auto accident into it, as well as this isn’t the very first time something similar to this has actually occurred.

The household states this took place at regarding 1 a.m. Friday. The home is off of active Clayton Road in Concord.

The household states that a set of speeding vehicles lagged this accident. Amazingly, every person endured, consisting of the grandma that was being in the living-room when among those vehicles came smashing in.

How did adjuncts start, as well as exactly how did they obtain so out of control?

Tonight as they’re grabbing the items, they’re wishing something can be done due to the fact that this was not the very first time this has actually occurred.

“It was like a huge boom and the house just shook and then everything was just flying,” Emma Holst claimed. 

The accident rattled Holst, her little girl as well as 3 grandchildren as they were all out cold.

“The picture still flashing in my mind of the car coming through the wall,” she claimed. “The plaster, the glass from the window breaking.”

Holst states she thinks it was 2 vehicles that were competing on Clayton Road. One of the chauffeurs wound up blowing up as well as leapt a visual on Cape Cod Way… and afterwards went air-borne into your house.

“Thankfully, nobody out of the whole thing — nobody got hurt. Nobody. Not even the drivers,” she claimed.   

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Holst states this accident is the most recent the household has actually managed over the last years. She approximates a minimum of 9 chauffeurs have actually bent off of the roadway as well as into your house.

This mishap was certainly the most awful. The property owner has actually been combating to obtain some type of obstacle or maintaining wall surface set up as defense, yet the city will certainly not enable it.

The just renovation Holst states she has actually seen is the stopping of U-turns on an area of Clayton Road. But speeding remains to be a significant trouble.

The household is stressed over what to do following.  

“We’re not sure where we’re going. We’re just trying to get over the shock of it right now,” Holst claimed.

The household has actually established an on the internet fundraising initiative to aid obtain their lives back in order. For currently, they’re remaining in other places as the home obtains fixed.

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