Dutch PM Frontrunner Geert Wilders’s “Message Of Support To Brave” Nupur Sharma


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Geert Wilders had actually safeguarded Nupur Sharma in the middle of debate over her talk about Prophet Muhammad

New Delhi:

Dutch reactionary leader Geert Wilders on Saturday stated that he has actually sent out an individual message of support to the “brave” Nupur Sharma, a put on hold BJP agent whose questionable talk about Prophet Mohammed caused extensive objections in 2022.

Taking to his authorities X account, Wilders, that was the shock victor in the Netherlands political elections in 2015, stated that he wished to satisfy Nupur Sharma someday while seeing India. 

“I sent a personal message of support to the brave Nupur Sharma, who is threatened by Islamists for years now only for speaking the truth. Freedom loving people all over the world should support her. I hope to meet her one day while visiting India,” he stated on X.

In 2022 too, he had actually safeguarded Ms Sharma in the middle of debate over her talk about Prophet Muhammad.

“Nupur Sharma is a hero who spoke nothing but the truth. The whole world should be proud of her. She deserves the Nobel Prize. And India is a Hindu nation, the Indian government is obliged to strongly defend Hindus against Islamic hate and violence,” he had actually stated in a tweet after Nupur Sharma’s comments on a television argument stimulated a row.

Geert Wilders has actually been attempting to develop a union federal government in the Netherlands given that his nationalist Freedom Party (PVV) won the political election in 2015 however well except a bulk. 

Since his triumph in November, he has actually been attempting to develop a union with the centre-right celebration of outbound Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the centrist New Social Contract and the farmers object celebration BBB. 

To come to be the following Netherlands Prime Minister, the Wilders-led union demands to go across the magic number of 76 in the 150-seat Lower House.

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