Fremont man attacks restaurant employee with hatchet, charged with assault with deadly weapon: police


(KRON) — A man was jailed and charged with break-in and assault after striking a restaurant employee with a hatchet recently, the Fremont Police Department revealed on Facebook. The strike occurred on Friday, March 22 at a restaurant near Mission and Warm Springs Boulevard.

Fremont police were educated that a man was screaming inside the facility with a “small hatchet.” The man struck the employee with the tool, and the target experienced a small injury to the arm, police claimed.

A suspect was jailed for break-in and assault with a deadly tool after utilizing this hatchet at a restaurant on March 22 (Fremont Police Department).

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The man took food and took off the restaurant. However, policemans got to the scene and captured the suspect, 35-year-old Fremont homeowner Evin Sagastume. He was jailed a brief range far from the restaurant.

Sagastume was reserved right into Santa Rita Jail and charged with break-in, criminal dangers and assault with a deadly tool. According to FPD, he was formerly jailed for assault with a deadly tool and branding a tool.

His bond is evaluated $50,000, according to area prison documents. FPD did not divulge the name of the restaurant.

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