From mystery window falls to poisoned cup of tea and killer door handle, how Putin’s critics met their grisly ends


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rotting in a bone-chilling gulag in the Arctic Circle, resistance leader Alexei Navalny birthed no feasible danger to authoritarian Vladimir Putin.

Yet — filled with oppressors’ fear ­ numerous think the Kremlin butcher bought the freedom competitor’s fatality.

Ruthless Vladimir Putin has blood on his hands as critics die


Ruthless Vladimir Putin has blood on his hands as critics pass awayCredit: Reuters
Alexander Litvinenko, 2006, poisoned


Alexander Litvinenko, 2006, poisonedCredit: Getty
Anna Politikovskaya 2006, assassinated


Anna Politikovskaya 2006, executedCredit: Getty

And, like a wave of various other state-sanctioned murders, Putin doesn’t offer a damn that recognizes it.

From airplane collisions to poisonings and a collection of mystery falls from home windows, the reach of his knowledge solutions is lengthy and bloodthirsty.

With governmental political elections following month, numerous assume Putin purchased Navalny’s fatality as a perverted program of toughness to adversaries inside – and outside – Russia.

United States President Joe Biden stated there was “no doubt” Vladimir Putin was to blame for his fatality.

While his widow Yulia Navalnaya stated her partner was poisoned due to the fact that Putin “couldn’t break him”.

Whether Navalny was really killed recently or had actually surrendered to years of vicious persecution, the number of uncertainty factors to Putin.

The Russian head of state had actually currently damaged Navalny’s health and wellness after his spies smeared toxic substance novichok in his underpants in 2020.

Caged on rigged costs, he’d invested much of the last 3 years in singular arrest with brilliant lights left on whatsoever times.

Opposition protestor Sergei Biziukin stated: “They eliminated him.

“Even if not on that very day, several years of torture is also a way of killing.”

Shock video clip programs ‘murdered Alexei Navalny’s bruised body being smuggled out of Russian prison to cover up his death’

Like some psychotic mafia put on, Putin suches as to offer his vengeance cold.

When mad warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin and his hirelings released a mutiny, Putin bided his time prior to portioning a despot’s justice.

Died in a fireball

A one time Putin stooge, Prigozhin’s irregulars took Rostov-on-Don and were birthing down on Moscow prior to a bargain was agented by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

Putin – that called the stroke of genius a “betrayal”, “treason” and “a stab in the back” – waited 2 months prior to exacting revenge.

A personal jet was shuttling Prigozhin and his lieutenants from Moscow to Saint Petersburg when it took off at 28,000ft, eliminating all 10 individuals aboard.

As the airplane struck the ground in a fireball, Putin – his eyes slim, with a thin-lipped smile – was distributing medals at an event honoring World War II.

Sergei Magnitsky 2009, ‘cranial injury’ in jail


Sergei Magnitsky 2009, ‘cranial injury’ behind barsCredit: Alamy
Ravil Maganov 2022 ‘suicide’


Ravil Maganov 2022 ‘suicide’Credit: AFP
Yury Voronov 2022 ‘suicide’


Yury Voronov 2022 ‘suicide’Credit: East2West
Alexander Subbotin 2013, ‘toad venom hangover cure’


Alexander Subbotin 2013, ‘toad venom hangover cure’Credit: East2West
Boris Berezovsky 2013 ‘suicide’


Boris Berezovsky 2013 ‘suicide’Credit: Getty
Boris Nemtsov 2015 assassinated


Boris Nemtsov 2015 executedCredit: AP: Associated Press

Defence specialist Professor Michale Clarke stated Putin “was sending a stark warning to potential rebels and the country at large: ‘I’m the mafia godfather, and don’t forget it.’”

Putin sent out a message of compassion to Prigozhin’s family members. British investor and protestor Bill Browder stated it was directly out of The Godfather – “kill your enemies then express condolences”.

The Kremlin wasn’t constantly so nakedly brazen in clearing itself of those it thought about adversaries, leaving a minimum of some probable deniability.

In 2006 investigatory reporter Anna Politkovskaya was assassinated in a lift in her block of apartments. It was October 7 – Putin’s 54th birthday celebration.

An forthright movie critic of Putin and of his program’s civils rights misuses in Chechnya, she had actually obtained fatality risks and was subject to a claimed poisoning prior to her murder.

In 2004 she had actually composed that reporters in Russia were currently required to either release individually online or “it’s total servility to Putin”.

She included: “Otherwise, it can be death, the bullet, poison, or trial – whatever our special services, Putin’s guard dogs, see fit.”

Five guys were later on founded guilty in what was an agreement murder. As to that paid the £150,000 for the hit, it continued to be a “person unknown”.

Two years later on, previous KGB representative and defector Alexander Litvinenko came to be strongly ill after alcohol consumption tea tied with polonium-210 at the Millennium Hotel in Mayfair, London.

Alexander believed that lagged his murder – 2 previous KGB assassins sent out by Putin.

In medical facility, he called investigatives from his deathbed, claiming: “I need to report a murder . . . mine”.

Alexander, throwing up blood and items of his breaking down tummy, passed away 3 weeks after consuming the polonium aged 37.

One partner, Andrei Nekrasov, exposed that simply hours prior to he dropped subconscious, Alexander informed him: “The bastards got me but they won’t get everybody.”

The day after Alexander’s fatality Putin sneered: “Mr Litvinenko is, unfortunately, not Lazarus.”

A British questions discovered that Russian representatives had actually eliminated Litvinenko, “probably” with Putin’s authorization. The Kremlin refuted any kind of participation.

In 2018, the harmful arms of Putin’s spy network got to Britain one more time.

Sergei Skripal, a previous Russian army knowledge police officer, and little girl Yulia were discovered hardly aware on a park bench in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

Putin’s assassins had actually smeared harmful toxic novichok on Skripal’s front door handle.

The set endured however Dawn Sturgess passed away after she and companion Charlie Rowley discovered a phony fragrance container consisting of novichok.

Two Russian representatives that it was later on declared lagged the poisonings ludicrously stated they had actually come to Salisbury to see its sanctuary’s “famous for its 123-metre spire”.

Putin explained Skripal as a “scum and a traitor to the motherland.”

Another Russian that had actually left to the UK additionally passed away in scenarios that his buddies map back to Moscow..

In 2013 the body of oligarch Boris Berezovsky was discovered on the washroom flooring of his Ascot home.

A headscarf was rounded his neck and an item of the exact same product was linked to the shower rail over his body.

His close friend Akhmed Zakayev stated: “Nobody amongst those that recognized Berezovsky assumes it was self-destruction.

“We all know the Russian secret service works on a world stage against Putin’s opponents and anyone who criticises his government. This death is part of a pattern.”

A coroner later on tape-recorded an open judgment.

‘Pure mafia’

More questionable fatalities were to comply with. Nikolai Glushkov, previous supervisor of Russia’s nationwide airline company Aeroflot, was provided political asylum in the UK in 2017.

He was discovered suffocated with a pet lead at his home in New Malden, southwest London a year later on.

In 2021, a coroner ruled he was unjustifiably eliminated, with proof recommending his fatality was made to appear like a self-destruction.

A pathology record stated Nikolai’s injuries “could be consistent with a neck-hold, applied from behind, and the assailant being behind the victim”.

The body matter in Russia itself has actually proceeded throughout Putin’s power.

Among one of the most high account was whistleblower Sergei Magnitsky was restrained in 2008 after reporting a £185m scams by Russian tax obligation authorities.

The Russian tax obligation consultant was after that apprehended himself and, regardless of duplicated appeals for clinical assistance, passed away in apprehension aged 37.

His reason of fatality was provided as harmful shock and cardiac arrest induced by pancreatitis, which had actually been detected by a jail physician however not dealt with.

He was additionally wounded by guards defeating him with a rubber truncheon.

Sergei’s fatality led to a worldwide protest. The 2012 United States Magnitsky Act permits America to freeze possessions of Russia authorities purportedly associated with civils rights offenses. A comparable legislation – which permits visas to be refuted – was additionally come on the UK.

In 2015 resistance political leader and arc Putin movie critic Boris Nemtsov was assassinated on a bridge outside the Kremlin.

The 55-year-old had actually spoken up regarding Putin’s addition of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

Russian authorities founded guilty 5 Chechens of his murder however the mastermind was never ever discovered.

Since Putin’s intrusion of Ukraine a minimum of 11 well-off Russians have actually passed away considering that in scenarios some have actually wondered about. Three were declared to have actually eliminated their family members prior to devoting self-destruction.

Some have actually aimed to Russia’s high self-destruction price, others recommend they might have been provided on to supply money for the battle.

British investor and protestor Bill Browder stated: “These people all sit in front of large cash flows or assets. This is pure mafia.”

The fatalities consisted of a number that strangely fell from home windows.

In December 2022, Russian mogul Pavel Antov is thought to have “fallen from a hotel terrace” in Rayagada, India, on December 25 days after his 65th birthday celebration.

The political leader and millionaire had actually slammed Putin’s battle with Ukraine on WhatsApp complying with a rocket assault in Kyiv however promptly removed the message and declared that another person had actually composed it.

Ravil Maganov, 67, the head of Russia’s second-largest oil manufacturer Lukoil, additionally dropped from a window in 2022 after he required “the soonest termination of the armed conflict.”

Businessman Dan Rapoport openly condemned the Russia-Ukraine battle on social networks several times and highlighted his assistance for Ukraine,.

He was uncovered dead ahead of a skyscraper apartment or condo structure in Washington, DC, in August 2022. United States authorities stated his fashion of fatality was “undetermined”.

Activist Bill Browder stated: “I assume the scenarios of his fatality are exceptionally questionable.

“Whenever someone who is in a negative view of the Putin regime dies suspiciously, one should rule out foul play, not rule it in.”

While delivery mogul Alexander Subbotin, 43, a previous Lukoil principal, passed away in the exact same year complying with peculiar ideas he was treated with toad poison to heal a hangover and experienced a cardiac arrest.

And additionally in 2022 Yuri Voronov, 61, that had web links to power titan Gazprom was discovered dead, drifting in his swimming swimming pool with a gunshot injury to his head. A Grand Power gun neighboring and a number of invested situations near the bottom of the swimming pool.

While Vladislav Avayev, 51, a previous Gazprombank vice-president, and Sergey Protosenya, 55, an employer at the Russian gas titan Novotek, passed away in supposed murder-suicides in April 2022.

They were reported to have actually assassinated their partners and teen children prior to transforming their tools on themselves.

In March 2022 Putin had actually venomously cautioned that he would certainly spew out those he takes into consideration traitors “like gnats”.

A distorted and cold-hearted killer, that by civil liberties ought to encounter global justice.

Dan Rapoport 2022, ‘accidental fall from window’


Dan Rapoport 2022, ‘accidental fall from window’Credit: East2West
Pavel Antov 2022, ‘accidental fall from window’


Pavel Antov 2022, ‘accidental fall from window’Credit: Twitter
Mikhail Lesin 2015, bludgeoned to death


Mikhail Lesin 2015, bludgeoned to fatalityCredit: Reuters
Sergei & Yulia Skripal, 2018, survived poison


Sergei & Yulia Skripal, 2018, endured toxinCredit: Rex Features
Yevgeny Prighozin 2023, killed in a ‘plane crash’


Yevgeny Prighozin 2023, eliminated in a ‘plane crash’Credit: AP
Alexei Navalny 2024, died in prison ‘feeling unwell’


Alexei Navalny 2024, passed away behind bars ‘feeling unwell’Credit: ALEXEI NAVALNY/UNPIXS

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