Gabriela Berlingeri’s D29 Jewelry Line Celebrates Self-Love


Even for those that look for to be the focal point, the limelight frequently includes a hefty cost. In a globe where chatter policies a lot of the mediasphere, also non-celebrities can wind up captured up in the uproar of extreme spotlight. Especially if they’re carefully related to somebody renowned and identifiable. Gabriela Berlingeri experienced that, and somewhat really couple of can associate with, while she dated among one of the most renowned individuals on earth — Bad Bunny.

The tale of exactly how Berlingeri and the Latin catch musician had an opportunity conference and launched a connection back in 2017 has actually entered into his tradition. The 2 were with each other for numerous years and also teamed up on a handful of tunes. She was also proclaimed in “Acho PR,” a solitary off his most recent cd “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana.”

The information of when and exactly how the partnership finished have actually been maintained close to their upper bodies, harmonic with what was currently an extremely personal love. And while media electrical outlets have actually covered each of Bad Bunny’s relocates the in 2014, Berlingeri has actually submersed herself in her enthusiasm task — her jewelry line, DiciembreVeintinueve. Named after her birth day, the brand name has actually likewise assisted her in finding brand-new and healthy and balanced viewpoints on self-love and life past a top-level partnership.

Raised all her life in the beachy Isla Verde community of Carolina, Puerto Rico, Berlingeri has actually constantly counted herself as near nature. She explains her household as one loaded with “creators,” a characteristic that she really feels pleased to adhere to.

“My grandmother makes stained glass, my dad designed all his tattoos, plus he loves painting. My aunt is an architect. My family has been quite creative,” Berlingeri informs POPSUGAR. “The act of making something yourself, with your hands, is amazing.”

In her situation, Berlingeri inclined jewelry. “Lots of people say they can’t sleep with their jewelry on, but I always sleep with them,” she claims. “I wake up, and even if I’m not wearing anything else, I’ll have my jewelry on me.”

Her passion just raised after she functioned along with a regional jewelry developer and discovered exactly how to craft items herself. In 2019, she started to grow the seeds wherefore would at some point come to be DiciembreVeintinueve (or D29, as it’s likewise recognized). The brand name introduced in November 2020 complying with pandemic-related hold-ups, and ever since it’s created stunning pendants, arm bands, jewelry, rings, and extra, all made internal by Berlingeri and her group utilizing in your area sourced products.

Berlingeri claims she has lasting concepts for collections yet favors to be influenced in the minute when it pertains to private layouts. When asked exactly how she creates them, she claims: “It’s very random. I’ll sit down, go over what pieces I have at hand, put on my AirPods, and start linking them together. It’s like building a puzzle.”

This month, D29 is launching the Rhea Collection, a line influenced by the shades of Puerto Rico’s all-natural containers, rivers, woodlands, and coastlines. It was a concept that all of a sudden sprang to Berlingeri just a couple of months back. She made a decision to take a trip around the island to try to find more ideas. It receives a range of the items — simply check out the eco-friendly tourmaline rocks that compose the collar of the Medare Necklace, which she explains can stand for not just the eco-friendly of the vegetation yet likewise exactly how river and sea water can often tackle an eco-friendly tone.

“The stones we use in our collections are natural, semiprecious,” she shares. “I’ve had lots of beach inspiration before, but this time I wanted to include more of the rivers and forests. Puerto Rico is known for its beaches, but we have many beautiful rivers and I wanted to capture their colors.”

Another item, the Casa Necklace, reveals a hand tree in the foreground and a chain of mountains behind-the-scenes, which mirrors a sight several residents deal with on a daily basis — the shore on one side and the main hills on the various other. As Berlingeri places it, “Lots of people will relate because we’re a small island. Getting to a beach is not that hard, although I know there are vicissitudes.” She remembers a report she saw when concerning neighborhoods in the acmes of Puerto Rico, where individuals had actually gone their whole lives without leaving their communities. “There’s lots of poverty in Puerto Rico, up in the mountains, more than people realize,” she includes. “There are families living there who have never seen the ocean, and they have no way [to visit the coast].”

As she talks openly and enthusiastically concerning this collection and future tasks, consisting of quickly increasing D29 to offer swimsuit, her enjoyment is apparent. She’s bordered by a devoted all-women group of individuals she takes into consideration friends, consisting of head developer Shelby Díaz Esquerdo, that heads the waste-conscious One of One effort, which recycles thrown out aspects to develop distinctive jewelry items.

Berlingeri understands leaving interest for whom she was with in the past will certainly take a while, yet she’s changed her life around what aids her neglect the sound and progress with her objectives.

“What’s most important for me right now is maintaining myself happy and at peace,” she claims. “You have to push through a lot in order to feel well and stable. And I want to create things that fulfill me, and focus on my work.”.

Berlingeri is placing that right into the style of her brand-new line, as well, mounting it around the concept of having her clients acquire Valentine’s Day presents on their own.

“I’m in an era of: love yourself! It’s a great moment to say, ‘I’m going to get this for myself,’ during this season of consumerism, [which was] created to make you spend money.”

“I’m in an era of: love yourself! It’s a great moment to say, ‘I’m going to get this for myself,’ during this season of consumerism, [which was] created to make you spend money,” she claims. “It’s a great opportunity for someone to think about themselves for the first time and not think about other people.”

Building up D29 and making it effective was precisely the sort of healthy and balanced interruption Berlingeri required the in 2014, including that it was “100 percent” a type of treatment for herself.

“I get [to the office] and I’m happy. To me, getting here frees me from everything else; it keeps my feet on the ground — busy,” she claims. “Sometimes I have days off and think, ‘What do I do?’ I don’t want to depend on anybody to make plans.” Right currently, she enjoys to visit the coastline by herself; she understands unique places where she can have personal privacy, prevent overeager followers, and just take pleasure in the browse.

That’s what this entire age has to do with for Berlingeri: concentrating on herself, what brings her pleasure, and what makes her thrilled concerning the future. And that’s never ever excessive.

Although among developer Coco Chanel’s renowned quotes goes, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off,” Berlingeri pleads to vary. “I’m sorry to Coco Chanel, but more is more,” she giggles. More job, even more joy, even more time with pals, and all for nobody yet herself.

Image Source: Shelby Diaz/Design by Aly Lim

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