Group aiming to recall Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao holds signature-collecting event – NBC Bay Area


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People collected for a rally in Oakland Saturday, beginning a signature-collecting event focused on remembering Mayor Shen Thao. 

Brenda Harbin-Forte is just one of the leaders of that initiative. She appeared at Jack London Square to aid release the signature-gathering stage of the recall. To jump on the tally in November, they’ll require to accumulate 25,000 trademarks. 

“I just got tired of the downfall of Oakland,” Harbin-Forte, a retired Alameda County Superior Court court claimed. “I got tired of the crime, the rising crime, which is directly related to the firing of Chief Armstrong. … Every time there is a car break-in, every time somebody can’t walk home from a bank All of these things came together for me. For me, it was, ‘I can not just sit back and say nothing.’ ” 

But fans of the mayor have actually additionally been singing. They rallied outdoors town hall last month, and NBC Bay Area consulted with a single person near Jack London Square. 

“I am concerned about crime,” claimed Ben Bunch. “I am concerned about all the things they’re talking about, but I don’t’ think that’s the fault of the people that are — I give the benefit of the doubt to the public servants that we just voted in, that just got their mandate from the people of Oakland.” 

Bunch claimed he doesn’t believe picking recall is the solution. 

“I think when we do things like these recall campaigns, that doesn’t help. That distracts from that. That gets in the way of them doing the work,” Bunch claimed. “Because now you’re constantly running, you’re constantly on the defense.”

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