I’m Ukraine’s deadliest female sniper – Putin is going to be assassinated by his own henchmen …if I don’t kill him first


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VLADIMIR Putin will certainly be assassinated by his own henchmen, Ukraine’s deadliest female sniper has actually advised.

Olena Bilozerska, 44, came to be a nationwide hero in Ukraine after cooling video was published revealing her murder 2 Russian soldiers.


Ukrainian sniper Olena Bilozerska, 44, is attributed with a minimum of 10 validated eliminatesCredit: Doug Seeburg
Olena serves in Ukraine's Artan Special Unit leading daring missions against Russian forces


Olena offers in Ukraine’s Artan Special Unit leading bold goals versus Russian pressuresCredit: Facebook
She started her military career as a volunteer sniper in 2014


She began her army profession as a volunteer sniper in 2014Credit: Facebook
Olena says Vladimir Putin will be 'poisoned or otherwise killed by his own henchmen'


Olena claims Vladimir Putin will certainly be ‘infected or otherwise eliminated by his own henchmen’Credit: AP

A previous reporter from Kyiv, Olena began her army profession as a volunteer sniper in 2014 prior to signing up with the military as a police officer in 2018 and acting as a leader for 2 years in Donbas.

She was demobilised in 2020 – yet when Putin, 70, gotten into Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Olena quickly returned to the frontline.

And she currently offers in Ukraine’s Artan Special Unit – leading endure and bold goals in the battle versus Russia’s pressures.

On the future of Putin, Olena – attributed with a minimum of 10 validated eliminates – thinks the authoritarian “will not live to see the international tribunal where he will be judged”.

She informed The Sun: “When the Russian elite knows that Putin’s guideline is coming to be unlucrative for them, he will certainly be infected or otherwise eliminated by his own henchmen.

“Of training course I would certainly kill him if I might – yet it’s impractical for me to obtain such an opportunity.

“The following Russian leader will certainly not be a close friend of Ukraine.

“But he will have to seek peace with the Western countries in order to rebuild war-torn Russia, and therefore will make some concessions.”

Asked to explain Putin, Olena merely claimed: “An inadequate person.”

But the Ukrainian sniper included: “If Putin succeeds in conquering Ukraine, his next victims will be Moldova, Poland, the Baltic states, and Finland.

“Putin has already threatened Finland because of its joining Nato.”

Olena was first posted in Dnipro as a volunteer sniper after the break out of the Russo-Ukrainian War in 2014.

She was associated with the project to enable ladies to get in the Ukrainian army – which was legalised in 2016 – and came to be a police officer in 2018.

Kremlin exposes deep concern over Putin murder quote as bodyguard lugs bulletproof guard also as totalitarian fulfills ‘relied on buddies’

Rising up the rankings, Olena worked as the leader of a weapons army for 2 years in Donbas.

When she demobilised in 2020, she returned to life as a private, author, and professionals’ supporter – winning star condition in Ukraine for her ideal-marketing publication called Diary of an Illegal Soldier concerning her time in the trenches.

But Olena had no doubt concerning returning to the frontline in 2022 with her soldier spouse to battle Putin’s soldiers.

“When I was demobilised, I currently understood then that if the circumstance at the front gotten worse, I would quickly return to the military,” she claimed.

“A couple of days prior to the beginning of a complete-range Russian intrusion, when it came to be clear that it was unavoidable, my spouse and I and my siblings-in-arms, with whom we had actually dealt with with each other considering that 2014, enrolled in among the military systems.

“And on the morning of February 24, 2022, we arrived for duty.”

For Olena, February 24 was the hardest day of the battle as Putin’s pressures attempted to tornado the resources of Kyiv.

“It was scary – if the occupiers captured Kyiv, they would have killed my parents,” she claimed.

“When we drove the enemies away from the capital, it became morally easier.”

Comparing today’s fight versus Russia with the combating in 2014 and 2017, Olena claimed the nature of battle has actually ended up being harder.

“The adversary’s drones are extremely bothersome – whatever you do, the adversary sees you nearly all the moment,” she claimed.

“There are also positive points. Now there is no prohibition to strike not only on temporarily occupied territories, but also on enemy territory of Russia.”

As a police officer, Olena is preparation and leading raids and goals in the Defence Intelligence device of Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence.

And she claims she has no concern of battle.

“Adrenaline works. In combat, you just work. It’s scary before the combat, but I can control this fear,” she claimed.

“Each people has resolution. We are all volunteers in the device, all are determined, most of us desire to secure our state, or else we would certainly not be below.

“There is some doubt when we prepare the information of the goal.

“But we never hesitate that the mission must take place and we must take part in it. And we feel pride after a job well done.”

What’s taking place in Ukraine?

The Russo-Ukrainian War has actually been a recurring dispute in between Russia and Ukraine – which started in February 2014.

The newest duration of combating was stimulated by Putin’s intrusion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022 when the Russian head of state revealed a “special military operation” to “demilitarise and denazify” the nation.

Missiles and airstrikes struck throughout Ukraine, consisting of the resources of Kyiv, complied with by a big ground intrusion along several fronts.

Volodymyr Zelensky stated martial regulation and mobilisation of all man Ukrainian people in between 18 and 60 – and they were prohibited from leaving the nation.

War has actually been surging since – and it has actually triggered the biggest evacuee and altruistic situation in Europe considering that the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s.

The UN likewise explained it as the fastest-expanding dispute considering that World War Two.

As of August 2023, the variety of Russian and Ukrainian soldiers eliminated or injured was approximated to be virtually 500,000.

The circumstance on the ground has actually transformed little bit in current months in spite of Ukraine’s counter-offensive, which started in June.

As the battle versus Putin grinds on, Olena claimed Ukraine have to proceed to battle to repossess control of its globally identified regions within the 1991 boundaries. 

“After that, Ukraine must isolate itself from Russia with a reliable and very well-fortified border, strengthen its army, and finally join Nato,” she claimed.

“Russia is dealing with versus us, not since it does not such as the present Ukrainian federal government or the Ukrainian political training course, yet since it is not pleased with the extremely presence of Ukraine.

“If Russia is not beat on the battleground, it will certainly not quit attempting to overcome Ukraine.

“As background and technique program, Russian political leaders never ever maintain their assurances. Any tranquility treaty they authorize, they will certainly damage.

“There is nothing to discuss and negotiate with them.”

In 2022, when video arised of Olena assassinating Russian separationists, she informed The Sun she would certainly not wait to kill once more if Putin’s pressure gets into – and really felt no sorrow.

She claimed: “Moral suffering concerning the murder of a human was designed by individuals much from the battle. An armed adversary is not an individual, yet a target.

“You use up a tool versus my nation – that’s it, you’re a target. If you don’t take him out in time, he could kill you or among your companions.

“If I really did not fire in time and the target concealed, that’s when I really feel upset at myself for missing my opportunity. And if the target is hit, I really feel the satisfaction of a task well done.

“When the adversary creeps in the direction of our placement to kill me, does he believe if I have an other half, moms and dads, or children? – obviously not.

“That stuff is for books and movies. Anyone who thinks along those lines in battle is already as good as dead.”

Olena’s spouse Valeriy Voronov – a normal soldier that was close to her in the trench – gathered the cartridge cases which dropped as she managed her dual kill.

And he later on made a silver ring with all-time low of a bullet cartridge placed right into it for her adhering to a sniper practice dating back to World War One.

Olena – entrusted paralysis in her best cheek when a gatling gun bullet foraged her face throughout a firefight – blew up the Hollywood representation of the sniper’s duty.

She claimed: “In the films, it appears a sniper sees the eyes of a living human.  But you cannot see the eyes.

“You just see a silhouette of an armed person and you fire at it. That’s all… if you miss, you will feel as if you’ve lost.”

Olena won celebrity status in Ukraine for her best-selling book about her time in the trenches


Olena won star condition in Ukraine for her ideal-marketing publication concerning her time in the trenchesCredit: Doug Seeburg
She campaigned to allow women to enlist in the Ukrainian military - legalised in 2016


She campaigned to enable ladies to get in the Ukrainian army – legalised in 2016Credit: Doug Seeburg
When Olena demobilised in 2020, she briefly resumed life as a civilian, writer, and veterans’ advocate


When Olena demobilised in 2020, she quickly returned to life as a private, author, and professionals’ supporterCredit: Doug Seeburg
She previously served as the commander of an artillery platoon for two years in Donbas


She formerly worked as the leader of a weapons army for 2 years in DonbasCredit: Doug Seeburg
As the war grinds on, Olena said Ukraine must take back control of its internationally recognised territories within the 1991 borders


As the battle grinds on, Olena claimed Ukraine have to repossess control of its globally identified regions within the 1991 boundariesCredit: Doug Seeburg
Olena was left with paralysis in her right cheek when a machine gun bullet grazed her face during a firefight


Olena was entrusted paralysis in her best cheek when a gatling gun bullet foraged her face throughout a firefightCredit: Doug Seeburg

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