Indian American Teen Death Akul Dhawan Raises Questions, Parents Seek Answers Cops In Open Letter


In their letter, Ish and Ritu Dhawan revealed the extensive influence of their kid’s untimely end

New Delhi:

The death of 18-year-old Akul Dhawan, a first-year pupil at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), has actually elevated significant problems as his parents seek answers pertaining to the scenarios bordering his death.

He was discovered dead on January 20, supposedly because of hypothermia, having actually been subjected to freezing temperature levels of -2.7 levels after being refuted entrance to a neighborhood club.

Now, Mr Dhawan’s parents have actually created an open letter to the authorities, sharing their sorrow and examining the activities taken by authorities, reported News-Gazette.

In their letter, Ish and Ritu Dhawan revealed the extensive influence of their kid’s untimely end on the household, claiming, “Our son died in freezing conditions while at school on campus. No parent should ever experience their child passing away on campus with no one to help him.”

“It was only his first week back when we found out that he would never return home,” the mourning parents mentioned.

The letter highlighted the household’s satisfaction in Mr Dhawan’s scholastic success and exposed the shock they experienced when discovering his death without previous alert from the college concerning any kind of possible problems leading up to the misfortune.

“We were so proud of our son for completing his semester and thriving at the university. He was a very smart kid who had his whole life before him. As a parent, I never thought I’d receive such news. We are completely devastated. We have a big massive hole left in our family; we will never be the same. Nothing can bring him back,” they created.

The Dhawan household has actually elevated a collection of questions for the UIUC authorities and college authorities, looking for quality on the handling of Akul’s loss.

In the letter, they ask, “What process and protocol did the police follow? How many officers were involved in the search? What is the proof that they searched in this area, and around the area?”

Expressing their issue concerning the authorities’s reaction, the parents affirmed, “We believe that the police never searched for our son. UI police never came in person to speak with the friend who reported him missing. We have been asking why Akul was found 10 hours later, rather than immediately after he was reported missing when he could still be saved. The locations where he was reported missing and where he was found are less than 200 feet apart. 200 feet!”

Accusing the authorities of oversight, the Dhawans declared, “We believe that no search was carried out near the Busey-Evans Residence Hall. University police did not follow their missing search protocols. Akul was found less than 200 feet from the Busey-Evans Residence Halls. As parents, we need answers.”

They stressed their sentence that an appropriate search near the Busey-Evans Residence Hall might have conserved their kid’s life and highly criticised the supposed oversight of UI authorities in adhering to recognized search procedures.

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