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I’ve been hunting for legendary lost goldmine worth billions for 23 years… I’m closer than ever after major breakthrough


A prize seeker looking for a legendary lost goldmine claimed to be worth billions thinks he is closer than ever after a major breakthrough.

Adam Palmer has actually invested 23 years hunting for Slumach’s lost mine, looking the wild north of Pitt Lake in British Columbia, Canada, for its bounty of gold.


Treasure seeker Palmer thinks his exploration might be the legendary mineCredit: Credit: Adam Palmer by means of Pen News
Adam Palmer has discovered the entrance to a lost mine which could be storing a vast amount of gold nuggets


Adam Palmer has actually found the entryway to a lost mine which might be keeping a substantial quantity of gold nuggetsCredit: Credit: Adam Palmer by means of Pen News
The tent-shaped rock, mentioned in a newspaper article, has been located


The tent-shaped rock, stated in a news article, has been situatedCredit: Credit: Adam Palmer by means of Pen News

According to tale, Slumach – a native guy – would certainly bring big nuggets of gold to neighboring New Westminster, investing his riches without exposing its resource.

But Slumach was hanged for murder in 1891, as well as allegedly cursed any individual that searched for his gold with his last words: “when I die, the mine dies”.

It has all the trademarks of an exaggeration, as well as the supposed prize has never ever been showed to exist, today an appealing lead has been discovered – a lost mine.

Mr Palmer, from Chilliwack, claimed: “In the mountains north of Pitt lake, a gold mine worth billions is said to exist.”

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He proceeded: “The old mine we discovered in 2015 was fallen down under a landslide, yet we dug it open.

“We have not been able to completely analyze it yet – we’re waiting to return within with even more equipment as well as tools to make it through the obstruction, as well as additionally down right into it.

“Now we’re waiting to hear back to find out how old it is, based on evidence we found inside.”

It’s not the very first hint Adam, 43, has actually discovered.

He claimed: “Every year we uncover something we have actually never ever seen prior to.

“We discovered an old miner’s cabin that had mining devices in it, as well as an old rock sanctuary cavern with pictographs repainted on the wall surfaces from centuries back.

“We discovered an old route system that has been archaeologically dated to have been made use of for hundreds of years for profession in between the First Nations.

“We believe all this evidence is connected somehow and the secret lies within the history and culture of the area.”


A strange-shaped stone found by Adam might be one more hint.

Various historical papers have actually reported that a miner situated the mine in 1901 prior to he dropped ill as well as passed away.

In a letter priced quote by one neighborhood paper in 1915, the miner explained gold nuggets “as big as walnuts” as well as claimed he would certainly hidden some under a “tent-shaped rock”.

Adam assumes his stone might be the rock concerned.

But he thinks one more miner is much more crucial – Robert “Volcanic” Brown.

“To me, he is the only real, proven account of someone who went looking and may have found it,” claimed Mr Palmer.

“Unfortunately, he vanished without a trace in 1931, as well as to me that is much more mystical than the lost mine.

“I constantly claim ‘if you discover Volcanic Brown, you discover the gold’.

“I’m either going to find him first, or the lost mine, but I think if you find one or the other they will both be in the same location.”


He included: “We’re obtaining close.

“We’ve narrowed down the search to an area that was known as the location of Volcanic Brown, and we found some evidence there that may lead us in the right direction.”

For some, the entire Slumach legend is simply a fancy scam.

Speaking in 2019, neighborhood chronicler Fred Braches informed CBC, Canada’s nationwide broadcaster, that there was no proof for the majority of the tale.

He claimed that Slumach himself was actual, yet hypothesized that his mine was created by citizens wanting to draw in even more miners to the location.

A 1965 geological study of the location put in the time to deal with the tale also, mentioning: “Pitt Lake is not favourable for gold-quartz veins, and even less so for the placer gold of the legend.”

It additionally discovered “no mention of a gold mine” in modern paper accounts of Slumach’s dangling, as well as claimed he “died without comment”.

Nonetheless, the attraction of the mine remains to attract prize seekers right into the wild.


For Adam, discovering it would certainly be the realisation of a youth desire – as well as no curse will certainly discourage him.

He claimed: “I initially read about the tale of Slumach’s Gold when I had to do with 12, experiencing my wonderful uncle’s publications.

“I came to be interested with the suggestion that someplace in the hills near to where I live, there might potentially be all this lost gold waiting to be discovered.

“I swore that as soon as I got old enough to drive and go out on expeditions, I would be the one to finally solve these mysteries – or at least try to.”

He proceeded: “The just curse to bother with is our awful winters months of rainfall as well as snow.

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“The weather is the curse – our summers are way too short!”

Mr Palmer’s quest for the gold is recorded in the television collection, Deadman’s Curse, which will certainly debut its 2nd period soon.

Most of the mine hasn't been explored yet


Most of the mine hasn’t been checked out yetCredit: Credit: Adam Palmer by means of Pen News
The man known as Slumach never revealed the location of the mine


The guy referred to as Slumach never ever exposed the area of the mineCredit: Credit: Pen News
The lost mine is said to be located north of Pitt Lake, British Columbia


The lost mine is claimed to be situated north of Pitt Lake, British ColumbiaCredit: Credit: Adam Palmer by means of Pen News

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