James Durgin of ‘Saving Francisco’ in jail after local and federal warrants issued for his arrest – NBC Bay Area


James Durgin, the main number of the NBC Bay Area streaming collection ‘Saving San Francisco,’ has actually gotten on the run from police for approximately 2 weeks, yet Monday night he was detained, once more.

Durgin, 55, approximates he’s been in and out of jail greater than 100 times in San Francisco. His servile criminal background and difficult life have lengthy personified numerous of the very same social sickness afflicting San Francisco, consisting of have problem with being homeless, medicine dependency, and the criminal justice system.

Durgin, a once well-respected independent school instructor and health and fitness train, has actually been founded guilty of an array of criminal offenses over the previous 20 years connecting to substance abuse and physical violence. While the court has actually repetitively gotten him to participate in rehabilitation, he has actually commonly left, sometimes within simply hours of registering. 

Last month, both local and federal authorities gotten arrest warrants for Durgin, implicating him of different criminal offenses. After deserting the transitional real estate he was designated to in March, Durgin came to be a needed male for breaching the terms of his probation. Just eventually after San Francisco’s grown-up probation division got its arrest warrant, Durgin fell short to show up in federal court for a hearing originating from an unconnected criminal damage fee, resulting in federal district attorneys acquiring their very own arrest warrant.

The federal fee originates from an occurrence on Nov. 27, in which Durgin was captured on security video clip creating puzzling messages on the front doors of homes in the Presidio, consisting of “she’s mine” and “she’s my love.”

Neighbors think the graffiti was suggested for one of their next-door neighbors, Ann Rea, that was additionally profiled in ‘Saving San Francisco.’ Rea, that claims she had actually never ever understood about Durgin up until he tried to get into her home, has actually had a limiting order versus him considering that August 2017.  Durgin, nonetheless, has actually been repetitively caught on protection video clip breaching that limiting order by going back to Rea’s front doorstep in any way hours of the day, as soon as also nude.

During stays in safekeeping in San Francisco County jail and is anticipated back in court Thursday to respond to for his newest probation infraction.  Once that situation makes its means with the court system, Durgin will likely be moved right into federal safekeeping to face his pending criminal damage fee.

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