Justin Combs’ Mom Reacts To Feds Detaining Him & Christian


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Whew! Roommates, the mother bear in Misa Hylton jumped out on Tuesday (April 2) while reacting to the government raid on Diddy‘s Los Anegeles home last week. For context, Misa is Justin Combs‘ mom. In her lengthy social media statement, Hylton defended her biological son, but also Diddy and Kim Porter’s kid, Christian Combs.

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Justin Combs’ Mom Goes OFF Over How Feds Handled Her Son

Misa Hylton stood out off through an Instagram article, that included added, unique video of government representatives adding on Diddy’s home. As formerly reported, Justin Combs and Christian Combs were apprehended throughout the raid. AP formerly reported that the raids were most likely attached to a sex-related trafficking situation being checked out in New York.

Footage at the time revealed the males in manacles, however ABC News later on reported that the detention was “standard” treatment. Following the judge-approved search, Justin and Christian were launched. To today, Justin, Christian and P Diddy have actually NOT been billed with any type of criminal offenses.

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In her article, Justin Combs’ mommy implicated the government representatives in the raids of making use of “over zelous and overtly militarized force against [her] sons.” She likewise called the pressure “deplorable” and affirmed the therapy would certainly be various had Diddy’s boys been non-Black males.

“If these were the sons of a non-Black celebrity, they would not have been handled with the same aggression. The attempt to humiliate and terrorize these innocent young, BLACK MEN is despicable. Enough is enough! Did Justin need several laser beams from firearms pointed at his chest?? Did Chrisean need a gun pointed at the back of his head while he was handcuffed?? How many times have we seen young UNARMED BLACK MEN not make it out of these types of situations alive??”

See the unique video listed below and swipe for Misa’s complete declaration. 

Justin Is Named In A Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against Diddy

We should state that Justin Combs’ mom is ideal concerning something. Her kid has actually not been billed with a criminal offense or founded guilty by a court or court, implying that in the eyes of the regulation he is still an “innocent” male.

However, in the eyes of Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, Justin is much from that. Jones is Diddy’s previous videographer and manufacturer that filed a claim against the songs magnate for sexual offense previously this year. His bombshell and visuals match name-drops numerous top-level people near to Diddy, including his 2022-2023 bachelor’s degree Yung Miami and manufacturer Stevie J.

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As for Justin Combs, Jones’ suit charges him of hiring woman of the streets and small ladies at his dad’s command for exclusive events. In a declaration from a representative, Justin refuted the claims, calling them “absurd.” The declaration likewise relatively identified Lil Rod a “desperate person taking desperate measure in hopes of a payday.” Like his kid, Diddy has actually likewise kept his virtue in the middle of an expanding variety of claims.

Misa Hylton is the initial individual near to the songs magnate to talk on the government raids in any type of kind — besides Al B. Sure relatively shielding the circumstance.

In her declaration, she declared her kid’s legal representative will certainly be checking out the unneeded “excessive use of force.” She included that they “will fight for justice utilizing ever imaginable resource.” 

Meanwhile, Diddy’s youngsters have actually stayed away from any type of media declarations because recently. He was identified on a Miami outing with his twin little girls, D’Lila and Jessie. His stepson, Quincy Brown, ultimately damaged his social networks silence on Monday, however just to dream Christian Combs a satisfied 26th birthday celebration.

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