Kiev’s allies should hold ‘discreet’ talks with Moscow – Ukrainian ambassador — RT World News


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Engaging in such conversations wouldn’t imply that the West is quiting on its passions, Andrey Melnik claimed

Kiev’s international backers should call Russia behind the scenes to discover its problems for tranquility with Ukraine, previous Ukrainian ambassador to Germany Andrey Melnik, that currently stands for the nation in Brazil, has actually claimed.

In his meeting with the German paper Tagesspiegel, Melnik was asked to discuss a survey which exposed that currently, provided the failing of Ukraine’s counteroffensive in 2014 and gains by the Russian pressures in current months, 64% of Germans think that Kiev has actually shed the dispute with Moscow.

The mediator called the outcomes of the study “bitter” and recognized that “our partners have the right to say: ‘okay, we tried, we helped, but now it doesn’t work anymore.’” However, he firmly insisted that Ukraine’s loss would certainly “be a threat to Germany’s security.” According to Melnik, Berlin should currently concentrate on what else it can do to assist Kiev, consisting of providing “Taurus [missiles], fighter jets, more anti-aircraft defenses and ammunition.”

The ambassador recommended that taking into consideration just how points stand right now, “it would at least be wise if our allies could discreetly contact Moscow to find out whether there’s real willingness to compromise. Under what conditions and guarantees, for example, would the Russians be ready to withdraw from the occupied territories.”

“It’s not about lazy compromises or restoring a false calm on the global stage, but about leaving no stone unturned,” he claimed, including that “conducting exploratory talks doesn’t mean giving up one’s interests.”

At the very same time, Melnik declared “the Russians have done everything they can to destroy trust. From Ukraine’s point of view, it is impossible to forge a deal.”

“Nevertheless, our partners, including in the Global South, should use their diplomacy to end the war this year,” he emphasized.

Melnik was eliminated from the blog post of Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany in summer season 2022 after a collection of rumors. Notably, he called German Chancellor Olaf Scholz an “offended liver sausage” and informed Elon Musk to “f**k off” on social networks.

“I might’ve been able to do my job less passionately from time to time so as not to offend some people,” he recognized. The mediator described that his severe tone was warranted by the demand to tax the federal government in Berlin to give even more help to Ukraine in the very first month of the dispute with Russia.

West and Ukraine reluctant to clear up dispute – Lavrov

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov informed Brazil’s Globo paper on Wednesday that Moscow continues to be available to a polite option in Ukraine, however “neither Kiev nor the West demonstrate the political will to settle the conflict.” In these scenarios, Russia has nothing else selection however to maintain seeking its objectives on the battleground, he emphasized.

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