Mayday call & plunge into pitch darkness…Ship’s black box reveals minute-by-minute details of Baltimore bridge disaster


THE black box recovered from the Dali cargo ship sheds new mild on the ultimate moments earlier than the vessel crashed into the Baltimore Bridge.

The retrieved information recorder revealed that the pilot of the ship had frantically tried to swing the ship away from the Francis Scott Key Bridge by dropping the anchor.


The Dali cargo ship crashed into the enduring bridge on TuesdayCredit: Getty
Data from the ship's black box reveals a pilot tried to steer the ship away from the bridge by dropping the anchor


Data from the ship’s black box reveals a pilot tried to steer the ship away from the bridge by dropping the anchorCredit: AP
The crash sent the Francis Scott Key Bridge plunging into the water


The crash despatched the Francis Scott Key Bridge plunging into the waterCredit: EPA
Pieces of the bridge can be seen sticking out of the water


Pieces of the bridge will be seen protruding of the waterCredit: Getty

The crew of the MV Dali despatched a mayday call after dropping energy informing authorities it was heading in direction of the bridge.

Speaking at a information convention as we speak, officers from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB ) mentioned one of the Dali’s pilots had radioed for tugboat assist and reported a energy loss minutes earlier than the disaster.

The ship had one minute and three seconds of darkness following the energy failure – but it surely was sufficient for the vessel to crash into the construction.

Data from the ship’s voyage information recorder (VDR) exhibits the 95,000-tonne container ship rammed into the enduring bridge sending it plunging down the Patapsco River inside seconds – this is the timeline of how the tragedy unfolded.



The Singapore-registered ship left the Baltimore port at 00.39am on Tuesday, heading on its 27-day voyage to Sri Lanka.

At 01.07 it entered the Fort McHenry Channel.

Around 1.25 am alarms sounded signalling there was bother on board and only a minute later steering instructions and rudder orders have been issued.

At 1.26 am and 39 seconds, a pilot made a normal radio call for close by tug boats.

The NTSB mentioned that across the similar time, information from the Maryland Transportation Authority exhibits the pilot affiliation dispatcher known as the transportation authority’s officer on obligation concerning the blackout.

Just after 1.27am, the pilot commanded the ship to drop an anchor on the left aspect of the ship and issued added steering instructions.

But about 20 seconds later the pilot issued a radio call reporting that the Dali had misplaced all energy approaching the bridge.

Timeline of the Baltimore Bridge disaster

US authorities have been capable of piece collectively a timeline of the tragedy from the Dali ship’s voyage information recorder (VDR)

  • 00:39 – The Dali cargo ship leaves the Baltimore port
  • 01:07 – The ship enters the Fort McHenry Channel
  • 01:24:59 – Alarms sounded on the ships indicating an issue
  • 01.26 – Steering instructions and rudder orders are issued
  • 01:26:39 – Pilot makes a normal call for tug boats
  • 01:27:04 – Pilot orders to drop the port anchor
  • 01:27:25 – The pilot stories the vessel has misplaced all energy and was heading in direction of the bridge
  • 01:29:00 The ship’s audio information the collision of the bridge
  • 01:29:39 – Pilot stories the bridge is down 

At about that point, the state transportation officer on obligation radioed two of its models already stationed at every finish of the bridge saying to shut the bridge.

The ship was travelling at about 8mph when at 1.29, recordings picked up the sounds of the collision with the bridge.

A Transportation Authority sprint digicam additionally exhibits lights on the bridge going out.

At 1.29am and 39 seconds, the pilot reported to the Coast Guard that the bridge was down.

The US coastguard mentioned the cargo ship underwent routine engine upkeep in port earlier than it sailed.

Six building staff filling potholes on the bridge on the time of the collision are presumed lifeless – with the our bodies of two males being pulled from the river on Wednesday.

The victims have been recognized as Alejandro Fuentes, 35, from Mexico, and Dorlian Castillo Cabrera, 26, from Guatemala.

Maryland Governor Wes Moore mentioned addressed their households in Spanish throughout the information convention, saying, Estamos contigo, ahora y siempre, which implies, we’re with you, now and at all times.

Col. Roland L. Butler Jr., superintendent of Maryland State Police mentioned all search efforts have been exhausted.

NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy mentioned officers boarded the ship to get better data from its electronics and paperwork and to interview the captain and different crew members.

She mentioned twenty-three folks, together with two pilots, have been on the ship when it crashed.

She added the vessel was carrying 56 containers with hazardous materials together with extremely flammable chemical substances and lithium ion batteries.

It comes as a port employee claimed that the 95,000-tonne container ship had suffered a “severe electrical problem” whereas docked on the Port of Baltimore, days earlier than the crash.

Julie Mitchell, co-administrator of Container Royalty mentioned the Dali which was anchored on the port for 2 days earlier than the crash had “serious power outages.”

In the wake of the disaster, she advised CNN: “And those two days, they were having serious power outages… they had a severe electrical problem. It was total power failure, loss of engine power, everything.”

She added that refrigerated containers, have been tripping the breakers and mechanics have been really making an attempt to repair it.

Meanwhile, investigators will look at the chance the facility outage on the ship might have been attributable to “dirty fuel.”

The aftermath of the bridge collapse into the river


The aftermath of the bridge collapse into the riverCredit: EPA
Footage shows the Deli cargo ship approaching the Bridge


Footage exhibits the Deli cargo ship approaching the BridgeCredit: X/YWNReporter
Smoke can be seen billowing from the vessel before the crash


Smoke will be seen billowing from the vessel earlier than the crashCredit: X/YWNReporter

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