Meghan Markle’s Suits Co-Star Describes ‘Terrible & Foul’ Smell During Royal Wedding!


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Even royal wedding celebrations don’t go off easily!

In a brand-new episode of Barstool SportsChicks in the Office podcast on Wednesday, Suits star Rick Hoffman revealed that there was a TERRIBLE smell in St. George’s Chapel during Meghan Markle‘s 2018 wedding event to Prince Harry. Oof!

Perezcious viewers might remember there was a really viral picture of the star, that played Louis Litt in the lawful dramatization, looking downright ashamed in the group as he rested and saw the weddings. You recognize — this:

Hah! He looks SOOO over it! But currently almost 6 complete years later on, the Thanksgiving celebrity is lastly exposing what was in fact taking place!

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Discussing his “awful face” during the large minute, he dished:

“Cause I like to mess around with Sarah [Rafferty] constantly, so I was doing something ridiculous. I don’t know what I was doing. I was like, ‘Isn’t this exciting? This is so great. Oh my god, we’re at the [royal wedding]!’ And she goes like this, ‘Cut it out right now. Cut it out. You’re acting like an idiot. There are cameras everywhere. Behave!’”

After giggling concerning just how he believed she was completely panicing, he kept in mind points declined for him quick when an awful smell began to fill up the location, he remembered:

“As time goes on, I’m starting to smell something really terrible and foul, and I’m very sensitive when it comes to that!”

He tried to hide the smell by holding his hand (covered in a coconut vanilla cream) over his face, yet it wasn’t solid sufficient to shut out the smell. And so, his “goofy face” came to be a meme of the day! Should’ve paid attention to Sarah and been even more conscious of the video cameras! LMFAO!

The advantage is he doesn’t assume the bride-to-be would certainly have minded the foolish photo. He teased:

“Guess who knew that the most in the cast — that I had an issue with other people’s hygiene? Meghan! Always knew, and would always laugh about how I was so sensitive.”

The hosts after that joked that she rested him “next to the stinky people” deliberately. LOLz! At the very least we understand he wasn’t disturbed by the weddings! Now we question that was so stinky!!! Hear him assess all this (listed below):


Rick Hoffman’s viral RBF at the Royal Wedding

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