Mercenary Group’s All-Out Attack On Russia, Next Target Moscow: 5 Developments


After the mercenary team’s mutiny, Russia has actually proclaimed an “anti-terrorist operation regime” in Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is encountering his greatest residential dilemma because he got the intrusion of Ukraine after the head of the Wagner mercenary team stated he has actually gone across right into Russia with 25,000 soldiers.

Here are 5 crucial developments in this huge tale:

  1. Russian mercenary team principal Yevgeny Prigozhin showed up to recommend he had actually sent out an armed convoy on a 1,200-km fee in the direction of Moscow on Saturday in a not likely effort to fall the armed forces management. Russian authorities stated an armed forces convoy got on the primary freeway connecting the southerly component of European Russia, surrounding Ukraine, with Moscow, and also alerted citizens to prevent it.

  2. In a video clip uploaded on Telegram, Mr Prigozhin revealed that he was inside the military head office in Rostov-on-Don in southerly Russia, which his competitors managed the city’s armed forces websites. Mr Prigozhin had earlier stated his pressures had actually gone across right into Russia from the Ukrainian front, stating he and also countless his competitors were “ready to die”.

  3. In an aired address to the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated the activities of Mr Prigozhin and also the Wagner mercenary team were a “deadly threat” to Russia and also total up to interior treason. He stated the Mr Pizhogins disobedience resembles sibling battling sibling and also included that ‘traitors’ will certainly be penalized.

  4. After Mr Putin’s address, Mr Prigozhin dismissed abandonment and also stated the Russian head of state was “deeply mistaken” in calling the Wagner competitors traitors. “On treason of the motherland: the president is deeply wrong. We are patriots of our motherland. Nobody plans to turn themselves in at the request of the president, the FSB (security service) or anyone else,” he stated in an audio message on Telegram.  

  5. An elderly assistant to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky explained the activities of the Russian mercenary team principal as a “counter-terrorist operation” and also stated “everything is just beginning in Russia”, information firm Reuters reported. “The split between the elites is too obvious. Agreeing and pretending that everything is settled won’t work,” governmental assistant Mykhailo Podolyak tweeted.

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