Moscow terrorists face Putin’s cannibal-filled Black Dolphin prison where inmates are hogtied & the only escape is DEATH


THE TERRORISTS in charge of the Moscow carnage face being imprisoned in Russia’s well-known Black Dolphin prison.

The snake pit prison, referred to as the “island of hell” is home to 700 of Russia’s most fierce paedophiles, cannibals and serial awesomes.


The entryway to Russia’s well-known Black Dolphin prisonCredit: National Geographic
The jail is home to 700 of Russia's most ruthless paedophiles, cannibals and serial killers


The prison is home to 700 of Russia’s most fierce paedophiles, cannibals and serial awesomesCredit: Press TELEVISION
The Moscow terrorists could be locked up in the prison that has been dubbed unescapable


The Moscow terrorists can be secured in the prison that has actually been referred to as unescapableCredit: PressTELEVISION

The high-security prison, situated near the boundary of Kazakhstan is thought about escape-evidence – as inmates are being seen around the clock.

One of the earliest jails in Russia, the Black Dolphin holds 700 individuals that integrated have actually eliminated over 3,500.

The prison is scheduled for the most blood-thirsty wrongdoers such as serial awesomes, cannibals and Chechen terrorists.

Meaning maybe where the Moscow terrorists will certainly wind up after opening up fire at the city’s music hall eliminating 137 individuals, consisting of youngsters.

In a meeting for National Geographic’s docudrama Inside Russia’s Toughest Prisons, guard Denis Avsyuk claimed: “The main crime committed by the convicts here is murder. But we also have maniacs, paedophiles, and terrorists.

“To call them individuals, it makes your tongue bend in reverse simply to state it. I have actually never ever really felt any kind of compassion for them.”

The prison is named after a dolphin sculpture, created by the inmates that sits on the grass at the front of the reception.

Inmates are isolated in a single cell behind three sets of bars – essentially being kept inside a tiny cell-within-a-cell.

They are only allowed to leave their cell for 90 minutes per day which they spend inside a concrete exercise yard.

They are kept under 24-hour supervision, with guards checking them every 15 minutes while there is constant CCTV camera cell surveillance.

They eat soup and bread four times a day and when they are transported outside their cells they are forced to walk bent downwards – and sometimes even blindfolded.

Inside Putin foe Navalny’s new hellhole Arctic jail where ‘rampant torture and beatings break the strongest prisoners’

The prison is also home to twisted cannibal Vladimir Nikolayevich Nikolayev who gave some of his victim’s flesh to an acquaintance who fed it to his family, telling them it was “kangaroo” meat.

Nikolai Astankov – who was locked up in the jail – told National Geographic: “If you continuously consider what is below, what is waiting on you, that you will not ever before break out, that you are left below alone, you just will not make it.”

Astankov was jailed for killing an entire family then burning their bodies in the forest.

He added: “You are continuously being recorded in your cell, so you’re being seen around the clock.

“Also, there are light and motion detectors, plus every 15 minutes a guard goes through the cells so you must constantly be attentive.”

The prison has actually drawn in dispute in the last few years after it was contrasted by advocates to the wicked Soviet gulags.

Inmates have actually been recognized to mutilate themselves in demonstration at their living problems.

It has actually been reported that the 4 guys implicated by Russia of accomplishing the Crocus City Hall capturing on March 22, can currently invest the remainder of their lives inside the Black Dolphin prison.

The guys, that have actually been called as Dalerdzhon Mirzoyev, 32, Saidakrami Rachabalizoda, 30, Mukhammadsobir Fayzov, 19, and Shamsidin Fariduni, 25, can face life jail time.

Inmate Nikolai Astankov was jailed for killing an entire family then burning their bodies in a forest


Inmate Nikolai Astankov was imprisoned for eliminating a whole family members after that shedding their bodies in a woodland
The prison is considered one of the highest security Russian jails


The prison is thought about among the highest possible protection Russian prisonsCredit: National Geographic
Many believe the only escape from the prison walls is death


Many think the only escape from the prison wall surfaces is deathCredit: National Geographic

Rachabalizoda and Fariduni begged guilty to a few of the fees versus them, while Mirzoyev “admitted his guilt in full”.

Fayzov has actually likewise been billed with acts of terrorism and all 4 are being maintained in guardianship pending test on May 22.

Vladimir Putin stated Sunday a nationwide day of grieving after promising to penalize all those behind the strike.

The 4 guys implicated of opening up fire on groups were pushed into a court room on Sunday bloodied and wounded.

Images from a Moscow area court revealed among the thinks being in the accused’s cage with a plaster over his cut ear.

Courtroom images released by Russian media likewise revealed one more suspicious generated on a mobility device evidently missing out on an eye.

Another had a shiner and a torn plastic bag around his neck, and a 4th suspect with an inflamed face appeared dizzy and having a hard time to maintain his eyes open.

The guys, determined by Russian media as all being residents of the ex-spouse-Soviet republic of Tajikistan living in Russia, would certainly be remanded in pre-trial guardianship till May 22.

So much 11 individuals have actually been apprehended, consisting of the 4 presumed shooters, that got away the music hall and made their method to the Bryansk area, concerning 340 kilometres southwest of Moscow.

Moscow Crocus City Hall carnage

ON FRIDAY 22nd March 4 concealed shooters stormed a hectic music hall in Moscow, obliterating thousands of innocent private citizens.

In the most dangerous strike Russia has actually seen for over two decades, the ISIS-K terrorists eliminated a minimum of 139 individuals and injured nearly 200 even more.

Around 6,000 individuals were thought to have actually been within the place enjoying Russian rock band Picnic when the strike started.

The shooters started firing private citizens at point-blank array – with glass doors, gates and after that the music hall itself, traumatised witnesses claimed.

They also established fire to the structure in an effort to stop any person going out to life.

And ruining video revealed heaps of bodies outside the smudged performance place on the western side of Moscow.

The bodies of entire households were located with dead mommies accepting their dead youngsters, Russian media reported.

ISIS asserted duty for the carnage and also launched an image evidently revealing the 4 suspects positioning alongside the death cult’s flag prior to storming the hall.

Russia’s protection solution (FSB) introduced a large manhunt on Saturday to capture those liable and apprehended 11 suspects, consisting of the 4 guys later on prosecuted.

Twisted video of their examinations was later on launched online, revealing one with his ear removed and fed to him and one more having his genital areas electrocuted.

Overnight on Sunday they were dragged right into a Moscow court to be punished, with grim images revealing their wounded, bloody and subconscious faces in glass cages.

Terror suspect Rachabalizoda with his right ear bandaged up as he sits in court after being 'tortured' by Russia


Terror suspicious Rachabalizoda with his best ear wrapped up as he beings in court after being ‘hurt’ by Russia
Leaked pictures show a man identified as Shamsuddin Fariddun with wires connected to his groin as his mouth foams in pain


Leaked images reveal a guy determined as Shamsuddin Fariddun with cords attached to his groin as his mouth foams suffering
The food in the prison


The food in the prisonCredit: National Geographic
The black dolphin that sits outside the hellhole jail


The black dolphin that rests outdoors the snake pit prisonCredit: Press TELEVISION

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