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My family are homeless and saddled with thousands in debt after £1million lottery ‘win’… excitement has turned to horror


A FAMILY who thought they’d scooped £1million on the lottery ended up homeless with thousands of kilos price of debt.

Taurai Amani, 71, took out a mortgage for a brand new home for him and his family believing he was due the huge windfall.


Mr Taurai Amani and his family have been left homeless after they had been tricked by heartless scammersCredit: herald

But he had been tricked by merciless scammers and ended up dropping all the pieces.

The nightmare started when crooks texted Taurai’s son to say they’d received huge in a web-based competitors in the UK.

He mentioned: “I felt the Gods had answered my prayers of owning a bigger house for my family.”

He started planning to improve his two-bed dwelling for his youngsters and grandchildren so they may dwell like millionaires in Beitbridge, Zimbabwe.

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The tricksters then requested for a £1,600 deposit to declare the prize.

In a flustered haze of excitement he borrowed the cash and despatched his son to make the fee.

However, he quickly began to really feel uneasy when the con artists demanded an additional £800.

When he started to sense one thing wasn’t proper Mr Amani sought assist from the police, and that was when he found he had been wickedly deceived.

Now he was left with no prize and was thousands out of pocket which he couldn’t afford to pay again to the cash lender.

His home was seized as collateral and the Amani family had been evicted final week following a courtroom order, in accordance to The Zimbabwe Herald.

The dismal state of affairs has triggered locals to rally collectively to elevate sufficient cash to repay the lender and give Mr Amani and his family again their dwelling.

A neighbour mentioned: “This is very unfortunate, we are now mobilising money so that we can repay the debt which now stands at $4,000 (£3,229) because of interest”.

He added: “Our plan is to elevate the cash throughout the shortest time potential.

“Indications are that if we raise the money, he will give them back the house, but for now they are locked outside and have nowhere to go.”

Mr Amani’s spouse, Meresina, 65, described being devastated but in addition grateful to the group.

She mentioned: “We had looked forward to owning a better house and now we are homeless because of this scam, we have lost the two-roomed house we had known as our home for most of our adult life.”

Mr Amani warned others to be cautious when shopping for or responding to messages on-line to keep away from the same state of affairs.

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