Neil Patrick Harris’ Mortifies His Teens With His Gen-Z Slang


Neil Patrick Harris.
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Neil Patrick Harris is entering his cringey father period.

“Okay Tokkers. Let’s do this!” Harris, 50, captioned his first-ever TikTok video clip, which included his 13-year-old doubles Gideon and Harper, on Thursday, February 22.

In the clip, Harris looked thrilled to be making his launching on the social media sites system while his teens looked much less than enjoyed become part of the minute. As the star revealed his exhilaration to the cam, he mispronounced the name of the application. Gideon remedied him in a frustrated fashion while Harper grimaced.

“Yeah! This is my first TikTok!” Harris said loudly. “I’m gonna have so many followers, I’m gonna ramp up my rizz.”

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One large, satisfied family members! Neil Patrick Harris and his partner, David Burtka, discovered love with each various other, however their love expanded also more powerful once they invited their doubles, Harper and Gideon. The pair fulfilled in 2004 however had no assumptions of beginning a love with each various other. Harris informed Out publication in 2012 that at […]

Gideon asked his dad to “never, ever say that again” while Harper quipped he was “not cool.” (Rizz is brief for charm, which is prominent slang for Gen-Z.)

“I’m gonna be a snack!” Harris stated, plainly not recognizing that the term is the matching of calling somebody warm, which gained ashamed faces from his children.

Harper shrieked and covered her confront with her hands while Gideon stated he “already wants to hurl.”

Harris disregarded his youngsters’s appeals to quit and proceeded the video clip by utilizing his legendary How I Met Your Mother catch phrase.


Okay, Tokkers. Let’s do this!

♬ initial audio – nph

“TikTok is going to be … wait for it …” he claimed prior to marking time the songs and dance as his children strolled off display.

Before Harris can complete the line, both Gideon and Harper called out for their dad to quit dance.

“It’s too cheesy,” Harper claimed to her father that responded, “You didn’t wait for it.”

However, Gideon ended up the line for his father. “Dary! We get it!”

Harris inevitably looked dejected by the end of the video clip as he quit his dancing.

Neil Patrick Harris Teenaged Twins Want to Hurl After Hearing Their Dad Call Himself a Snack 032
Courtesy of Neil Patrick Harris/Instagram

Harris and partner David Burtka invited Gideon and Harper by means of surrogate in October 2010. Four years later on, the pair got married in Perugia, Italy.

Since ending up being papas, Harris and Burtka, 48, have actually shared highlights of their children maturing from their family members’s innovative Halloween outfits to their unique birthday celebration celebrations.

While Harper and Gideon were more youthful, Harris started revealing them a few of his previous tasks Doogie Howser M.D. However, the star solely informed Us Weekly that his little girl could just appreciate the program simply to satirize him.

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“She’s, like, watching early episodes of me in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s, which is adorable and odd,” he remembered in September 2021. “It’s cute. It’s funny. I think she uses it as an opportunity to sort of mock [me] and be able to think it’s silly.”

In October 2023, Harris commemorated a significant landmark for the doubles as they transformed 13. The How I Met Your Mother alum penciled a touching homage for the duo on the special event.

“And, just like that, they’re teenagers,” he created by means of Instagram at the time. “Happy birthday, Harper and Gideon. You are the lights of my life. I can’t wait to watch you want nothing to do with me, and I promise I’ll be with you through all of it. Just, wow.”

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