Proposed legislation would prohibit blanket policies against renting to pet owners – NBC Bay Area


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Renters with family pets deal with difficulties discovering proprietors that will certainly lease to them in any way, not to mention without additional prices, however a brand-new state expense looks for to modification that.

Assembly Bill 2216, presented Tuesday by Assemblymember Matt Haney, D-San Francisco, would prohibit proprietors from having blanket policies against renting to pet owners.

It would likewise prohibit proprietors from inquiring about a tenant’s family pets up until after their application was accepted. But the expense would permit proprietors to prohibit family pets for “reasonable reasons.”

Only regarding 30% of rentals statewide permit family pets, according to Haney’s workplace. In San Francisco, just regarding 21% of offered rentals permit family pets.

Haney claimed in a declaration that the state’s objective of constructing extra real estate to ease a real estate dilemma would be useless if countless individuals were limited from being renters as a result of their family pets.

“Like it or not humans have pets, they always have and they always will,” claimed Haney. “Blanket no companion pet policies are causing landlords to miss out on good tenants who get rejected without even getting a chance to apply for a place to live. The current system is bad for everyone.”

The expense is funded by The Humane Society of the United States. Jenny Berg, California State Director of the Humane Society of the United States, claimed in a declaration that individuals with family pets still have a right to real estate.

“Along with millions of pet owners across California, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) firmly believes that household pets are an integral part of our families.  Housing is a fundamental right that should not be limited because tenants are forced to choose between keeping their pet or putting a roof over their head,” Berg claimed.

But the expense increased a number of problems for the California Apartment Association, a not-for-profit campaigning for company for rental residential or commercial property owners.

Debra Carlton, CAA’s executive vice head of state of state federal government events, claimed the expense was sympathetic, however might elevate troubles for proprietors and their renters and family pets alike. Carlton claimed the expense does not consider problems like real estate that does not have a yard, or cohabitating renters with allergic reactions or room restrictions.

She likewise claimed the danger of birthing prices from family pets need to not drop completely on proprietors.

“The bill does not allow for an increase in security deposits, potentially limiting landlords’ ability to cover pet-related damages,” Carlton claimed.

She claimed the problem would be extra intense provided the flow of abdominal muscle 12, which was authorized right into legislation by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2023 and restricts down payment to one month’s lease, instead of 2.

The expense is anticipated to be used up in March after it is appointed to a board, according to Carlton.

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