Putin loses ANOTHER commander as colonel dies after being blown-up in Ukrainian missile strike branded a ‘gift’ for Vlad


HUMILIATED Vladimir Putin has actually shed another top commander.

Colonel Magomedali Magomedzhanov, 57, passed away in a health center in marine port Sevastopol after being pain in a strike on linked Crimea.


Colonel Magomedali Magomedzhanov passed away after a strike in SevastopolCredit: East2West
Magomedzhanov was the Deputy commander of the 18th Russian Army Colonel


Magomedzhanov was the Deputy commander of the 18th Russian Army ColonelCredit: East2West

He was injured in a collection of strikes on February 14 which struck a command article.

Magomedzhanov passed away later on in health center.

He was commander of the 61st Separate Kirkenes Red Banner Marine Brigade of the Northern Fleet, and replacement commander of Russia’s 18th military.

Sergei Melikov, head of Dagestan area, where the commander was from, claimed: “He passed away while doing his armed forces responsibility in the Special Military Operation area.

“This military operation was the fourth and, unfortunately, the last for the colonel.”

His fatality was “another tragedy” from Putin’s battle, the general public chamber in the area claimed.

While Russia has actually made headway in Avdiivka complying with a Ukrainian hideaway, it is enduring strikes in other places.

Red Star armed forces paper explained Magomedzhanov as “brave, decisive, firm” and “a born paratrooper officer”.

On Valentine’s Day, Ukraine let loose strikes on Putin’s treasured Black Sea Fleet as a “gift” to the Russian slave driver.

Dramatic video revealed a team of Ukrainian unique police officers blowing up among the totalitarian’s battleships – eliminating all aboard and sinking the vessel.

The 369ft Caesar Kunikov was blitzed by drones – the 15th Russian battleship to either be sunk or ruined by Ukraine considering that battle burst out.

Ukraine’s GUR armed forces knowledge company launched video of the bold strike – pioneered by Group 13 unique pressures.

Ukraine drones ‘sink’ ANOTHER of Putin’s treasured battleships in brand-new embarrassment for Russia

It reveals the touchdown ship’s shape prior to it is blown up with a substantial surge.

A clip from another sea drone after that shows up to reveal the magnificent ship switched on its side in the Black Sea.

Ukraine’s armed force claimed it assaulted the ship with marine drones called “Magura V5” – leaving it filled with openings.

The massive vessel – among Russia’s most recent – was utilized by Putin’s militaries to carry rockets and drones for strikes on Ukraine.

Russia’s marine losses

VLADIMIR Putin has actually been left red-faced by a collection of marine losses throughout the Ukriane battle.

Footage shared by Ukraine shows the moment of the strike on the Caesar Kunikov


Footage shared by Ukraine reveals the minute of the strike on the Caesar KunikovCredit: East2West

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