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Risks rise for Putin as Ukraine’s counteroffensive begins


The political dangers are rising for Vladimir Putin as the Ukrainian army begins its much-awaited assault to dislodge Russia from territory it illegally seized final yr, with the Russian president acknowledging Kyiv’s “offensive potential.”

There is nervousness among the many Russian elite over the firepower of Ukraine’s Western weaponry, insiders say, and it’s driving fears that the land bridge Moscow carved throughout the southeast of Ukraine to Crimea may very well be severed — dealing important army and morale setbacks to the Kremlin.

In addition, infighting amongst battlefield leaders, drone assaults on Moscow and a spate of unprecedented incursions by paramilitary teams into western Russian areas bordering Ukraine are elevating questions over whether or not Putin can management the scenario, based on a number of members of the Russian elite, who spoke on the situation of anonymity for worry of reprisal.

“This is a serious challenge for the authorities,” mentioned one well-connected member of Russian diplomatic circles.

Signs of the rising rigidity emerged this month when an influential member of the Russian parliament, Konstantin Zatulin, who’s near the highest brass within the Russian intelligence company the Federal Security Service, declared at a convention on the way forward for Ukraine that Russia had thus far failed in all of its battle goals and that a few of them had develop into “senseless.”

“What were the aims announced at the beginning of the special military operation?” Zatulin requested, utilizing the Kremlin’s time period for the battle. “You all remember — denazification, demilitarization, neutrality for Ukraine and the defense of the residents of Donetsk and Luhansk. On which of these points have we reached results today? Not one.”

Zatulin’s spokesperson didn’t reply to requests for additional remark.

With Russia claiming Bakhmut, Ukraine tallies value in misplaced lives and limbs

“The mood is very gloomy among the elite,” mentioned Tatyana Stanovaya, the founding father of R-Politik, a political evaluation agency. “They don’t understand what Putin’s plans are and doubt whether he is adequately dealing with the situation. This has been going on for a long time, but the worry is building up.”

The well-connected member of Russian diplomatic circles who stays involved with authorities officers mentioned the temper turned gloomier final week after Western proposals emerged for long-term safety agreements for Ukraine. That would supply Kyiv with assured arms provides over a multiyear interval as an alternative choice to quick NATO membership.

“This determines the main worry of the Russian leadership,” this particular person mentioned. “If contemporary weapons will be supplied and the Ukrainian army will be modernized, then — even without formal membership — Ukraine in this form can represent an existential threat for Russia.”

“It seems to me this is further stimulus for Russia to continue the military operation,” he added.

Putin had appeared to rely on diminishing Western resolve to assist Ukraine, particularly with a presidential election in 2024 within the United States, the place a minority of Republicans have argued towards persevering with excessive ranges of help to Ukraine. In Moscow, that assumption is eroding, insiders say.

“Modest signals” have emerged that Russia may very well be keen to make some compromises, the well-connected member of Russian diplomatic circles mentioned. Margarita Simonyan, the often hawkish head of RT, the Russian state propaganda TV channel, this month known as for the battle to be frozen on the present entrance strains with referendums to be held within the seized territories on whether or not the residents there need to be a part of Russia or Ukraine. Otherwise, she warned, Ukraine was sure to make use of the long-range weapons it was receiving from Western allies to hit Russian territory.

“This is already a certain revision of the official Russian position,” the member of Russian diplomatic circles mentioned.

But others cautioned that Simonyan’s phrases represented not more than a contemporary propaganda ploy by the Kremlin as a result of any try to freeze the battle on the present strains was solely aimed toward buying extra time for the Russian military to rearm to assault once more.

“Everyone in the Kremlin understands the danger of the Ukrainian counteroffensive,” Stanovaya mentioned. “Freezing the situation is very convenient, as this is exactly what will give Putin the time he needs for Ukraine and the West to lose their military zeal and unity.”

The potent U.S. arsenal for Ukraine’s counteroffensive

Even as Russian border areas such as Belgorod have come underneath intensified shelling and drone assaults in current days, the Kremlin has sought to downplay the impression of the incursions and has saved to a minimal any protection of the assaults on state tv. Still, resentment is effervescent up.

“How long will this go on!!! First, the border areas … now the outskirts of Belgorod,” mentioned one space resident in on-line feedback. “We supported the Special Military Operation because we believed that it would push this evil spirits away from our borders, but the complete opposite has happened.”

Another resident requested, “What does Putin think? What does he decide?”

The drone assaults in Moscow focusing on plush residential compounds housing members of the Russian elite are beginning to “impact people very seriously psychologically,” one Russian businessman mentioned, particularly as a result of within the capital, the battle had till just lately usually appeared like not more than background noise. The spate of assaults might strengthen the place of hawks calling for martial regulation and the closure of Russia’s borders, and enhance squabbling amongst these searching for to safe their positions and wealth, he mentioned.

Public tirades by Yevgeniy Prigozhin, the boss of the Wagner mercenary group and shut Putin ally, towards Russian military management for the failings of the battle serve to “let off steam” and happen with Putin’s permission as a result of the criticism is channeled by way of somebody who presents himself as a patriot, Stanovaya mentioned.

But “at some moment,” mentioned Sergei Markov, a Kremlin-connected political advisor, infighting amongst factions within the elite round Putin “could spiral out of control.”

The Kremlin is searching for to minimize the cross-border assaults as a result of it’s conscious that they in all probability are not more than an try by Kyiv to divert Russian troops from defending front-line positions, Markov mentioned. Russia was as an alternative centered on attempting to defeat the Ukrainian counteroffensive after which seizing the chance offered by a weakened opponent to take extra land, he mentioned.

Russia is hoping the months it has needed to put together for Ukraine’s counteroffensive will safe its positions. It has spent months constructing defensive positions and laying minefields, forcing the Ukrainian military to strategy the entrance line “in columns,” which thus far have been straightforward to identify and goal with artillery strikes, Markov mentioned.

But unstated behind that evaluation, Markov mentioned, is concern a couple of potential repeat of the problems that led to Russia’s chaotic retreat round Kharkiv final fall, when poor administration and insufficient communications between models led to “big problems” and crumbling Russian resolve.

The longer the battle goes on, the extra the battle “is turning into a personal matter for Russians” and the tougher it’s changing into to ponder any withdrawal of Russian forces, irrespective of how nice the understanding is among the many Russian elite that launching the invasion was an enormous mistake, a Russian billionaire mentioned.

“If your relative dies, you want to avenge his death. Nobody cares who started it,” he mentioned. “Everyone understands the war has not achieved its aims. But this is not going to influence the progress of the war. It is very difficult to stop. … Everything depends on the result of the counteroffensive.”

Stanovaya largely agreed however mentioned that whereas Putin, for now, is immunized by battle fever and by the agency perception amongst many of the Moscow elite that Russia can’t lose as a result of it has nuclear weapons, the course of the battle might but have unexpected penalties for the president’s standing.

“If Russia loses the corridor to Crimea, it will be a very serious blow,” she mentioned. “Everyone understands how important it is for Putin, and it will mean Putin has again not calculated the situation correctly and again not managed the situation. It will mean a very serious failure.”

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