Russian rock star pays tribute to Alexei Navalny in front of thousands at concert after Putin critic ‘dies in prison’


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A RUSSIAN rock tale has actually devoted a track to the late Alexei Navalny following his fatality in prison on Friday.

As he did for a big group in Kazakhstan Yuri Shevchuk made a genuine tribute to the dropped anti-corruption lobbyist.


Russian rock star Yuri Shevchuk devoted one of his tunes to Alexei Navalny following his fatalityCredit: Twitter
Alexei Navalny was the Russian opposition leader


Alexei Navalny was the Russian resistance leaderCredit: Reuters
Yuri Shevchuk was performing in Kazakhstan when he delivered the tribute


Yuri Shevchuk was carrying out in Kazakhstan when he provided the tributeCredit: Twitter

Navalny was one of Putin’s most forthright challengers that invested his last minutes enduring in a snake pit Arctic jail after he was secured for 3 years last August.

Navalny refuted the fees of scams and ridicule of court however was nonetheless handed the destructive sentence which he had actually offered for simply 2 years prior to his fatality.

Shevchuk – that is recognized for being vital of the Vladimir Putin’s federal government – resolved his target market claiming: “Alexey Navalny, that talked to us Russians concerning flexibility, has actually died.

“He advised us that we can all come to be cost-free in the most effective feeling of words. He stated that confidence without flexibility is fanaticism.

“Labor without flexibility is enslavement. Nothing exists without flexibility!”

The Russian resistance leader did not anticipate to be launched throughout Putin’s life time.

But it would certainly end up he would not make it through that lengthy.

According to the Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service Navalny really felt unhealthy after a stroll at the been afraid “Polar Wolf” prison, and passed out.

An rescue got here to attempt to restore him, however he passed away. It stated the reason of fatality was “being established”.

Is had actually currently arised that Navalny’s body was discovered covered in contusions and being secured in a morgue in the middle of cases Russia had him eliminated.

Navalny, 47, has constant marks that might reveal he was “murdered” under Vladimir Putin’s cooling program after it was recommended he endured a seizure in prison, stated paramedics that saw his body.

A paramedic, that functions at the health center where Navalny’s body was sent out, stated: “As a knowledgeable paramedic, I can claim that the injuries defined by those that saw them showed up to be from convulsions.

“If a person is convulsing and others try to hold him down but the convulsions are very strong, then bruising appears.”

There were likewise indicators that a person in the prison attempted to conserve Navalny prior to he passed away as there were contusions on his breast revealing proof of MOUTH-TO-MOUTH RESUSCITATION.

The paramedic proceeded: “They still tried to resuscitate him, and he died, most likely, from cardiac arrest. But why this stop happened, no one is saying anything yet.”

Russia offered the main reason of fatality as “sudden death syndrome” the other day, claim Navalny’s family members and legal representative.

His fatality was validated to be at 14.17 neighborhood time on February 16, according to a record provided to Navalny’s mommy, Lyudmila Navalnaya.

Hospital pathologists were presumably outlawed from carrying out a postmortem examination on his body, the resource included.

As quickly as his remains arrived it was promptly moved to the morgue and 2 police officers were made to stand enclosing the door so no person might look within, they proceeded.

The paramedic stated: “Everyone wanted to know what had happened, what all the secrecy was about and whether they were trying to hide something serious.”

Navalny’s widow Yulia Navalnaya created a message to her other half today in her initial social networks message because his fatality.

She published an image of them with each other adhered to by the heartbreaking subtitle: “I love you.”

Navalny’s mommy selected his spokesperson Kira Yarmysh to bid farewell to his body at a morgue they were informed his body was being sent out to.

But after arriving they were stunned to discover the remains was missing out on.

Russian authorities later on revealed they postponed the launch of the body since they had not discovered the reason of fatality yet, famous Navalny ally Ivan Zhdanov stated.

He was jailed for three decades in 2021 but died on Friday


He was incarcerated for 3 years in 2021 however passed away on FridayCredit: Reuters
Here Navalny is pictured with his wife Yulia


Here Navalny is visualized with his partner YuliaCredit: AP: Associated Press
Navalny died at the 'Polar Wolf' prison colony in the Arctic


Navalny passed away at the ‘Polar Wolf’ jail swarm in the Arctic

Life of Alexei Navalny

PUTIN’S best recognized challenger Alexei Navalny, 47, has actually passed away in jail.

Here is a timeline that took the leader of the resistance from the face of flexibility in Russia and the Kremlin’s most significant adversary to a snake pit Siberian jail and onto a very early tomb.

June 4, 1976 — Navalny is birthed in a western component of the Moscow area

1997 — Graduates from Russia’s RUDN college, where he majored in regulation

2004 — Forms an activity versus widespread over-development in Moscow

2008 — Gains prestige for calling out corruption in state-run firm

December 2011 — Participates in mass demonstrations triggered by records of prevalent rigging of Russia’s political election, and is apprehended and incarcerated for 15 days for “resisting a federal government authorities”

March 2012 – Further mass demonstrations burst out and Navalny charges vital Kremlin cronies of corruption

July 2012 — Russia’s Investigative Committee fees Navalny with embezzlement. He declines the cases and claims they are politically encouraged

2013 — Navalny competes mayor in Moscow

July 2013 — A court in Kirov convicts Navalny of embezzlement in the Kirovles situation, punishing him to 5 years in jail – he allures and is enabled to proceed project

September 2013 — Official results program Navalny ends up 2nd in the mayor’s race

February 2014 — Navalny is positioned under home apprehension 

December 2014 — Navalny and his bro, Oleg, are condemned of scams 

February 2016 — The European Court of Human Rights policies that Russia went against Navalny’s right to a reasonable test

November 2016 — Russia’s Supreme Court reverses Navalny’s sentence

December 2016 — Navalny introduces he will certainly run in Russia’s 2018 governmental political election

February 2017 — The Kirov court retries Navalny and supports his five-year put on hold sentence from 2013

April 2017 – Survives a murder effort he condemns on Kremlin

December 2017 — Russia’s Central Electoral Commission bars him from competing head of state 

August, 2020 – Navalny comes under a coma on a trip and his group presumes he was infected. German authorities validate he was infected with a Soviet-period nerve representative.

Jan 2021 — After 5 months in Germany, Navalny is apprehended upon his return to Russia

Feb 2021 — A Moscow court orders Navalny to offer 2 ½ years in jail

June 2021 — A Mocow court closes down Navalny’s Foundation for Fighting Corruption and his extensive political network

Feb 2022 — Russia attacks Ukraine

March 2022 — Navalny is punished to an added nine-year term for embezzlement and ridicule of court

2023 — Over 400 Russian medical professionals authorize an open letter to Putin, advising an end to what it calls misuse of Navalny, adhering to records that he was refuted fundamental drug & struggling with slow-moving poisoning

April, 2023 — Navalny from inside jail claims he was dealing with brand-new extremism and terrorism fees that might maintain him behind bars for the remainder of his life

Aug 2023 – A court in Russia expands Navalny’s jail sentence by 19 years

Dec 2023 – He vanishes from his jail as his group concern he might be murder. He after that re-emerges weeks later on in one of Siberia’s hardest jails – the ‘Polar Wolf’ swarm

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