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Sometimes, gladly ever before afters are a satisfying finishing to a trip. IVE controlled the last North American quit of their SHOW WHAT I HAVE globe excursion at Prudential Center in Newark, NJ with continuously energised and remarkable efficiencies. 

The 6 ladies—ANYUJIN, GAEUL, REI, JANGWONYOUNG, LIZ, and LEESEO showed up decorated in their stylish and shimmering all-white clothing. Their initially track “I AM” is a self-fulfilling prediction that seals their uplifting phase existence throughout the evening. “That’s my life is a beautiful galaxy /  Be a writer, the genre is fantasy / A big, big stage will open for me tomorrow / So that is who I am,” their voices skyrocket easily. The entire evening seemed like a contemporary storybook as the participants contrasted their appearances and principles to standards like Alice In Wonderland or Cinderella. 

K-Pop Girl Group IVE, six Asian women ANYUJIN, GAEUL, REI, JANGWONYOUNG, LIZ, and LEESEO, dancing with white outfits on stage.

Though they debuted in 2021, IVE’s songs discography is piled with heavyweight hits that stimulate every feel-good feeling like “ELEVEN,” “ROYAL,” and “Off the Record.” The team additionally revealed their fortes in their B-sides like with the sincere “Cherish” that supplied an intimate and up close minute with the participants as they “live streamed” versus the IVE-stagram electronic graphics behind them. 

A real emphasize was “Shine With Me” when leader ANYUJIN was relocated to splits and connected the overflow of feelings to JANGWONYOUNG’s touching verses of the team’s relentless development together with their followers DIVE. The team assembled in a large hug and guaranteed each various other that their love would certainly prolong forever.

Swiftly relocating from act to act, the 6 participants additionally tore the phase apart doing their system phases and instantly feeding off the power from the vivid target market. Each track was rejuvenated with enthusiasm —whether they were sparkling on the extensive phase like REI’s cover of NIKI’s “Every Summertime” or pensively being in a yard with their charmful looks when JANGWONYOUNG and LIZ covered “Reality” by Richard Sanderson. The section was additionally a homage to traditional woman teams as each system sprayed the established with power pop songs like GAEUL and REI’s cover of the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” and LEESEO and ANYUJIN’s cover of Little Mix’s “Woman Like Me.”

K-Pop Girl Group IVE, six Asian women ANYUJIN, GAEUL, REI, JANGWONYOUNG, LIZ, and LEESEO, dancing with black leather outfits on stage.

But like every fairy tale, the tale should have a dark side. The performance’s 2nd fifty percent used the scary principles with “Hypnosis” and the participants put on all-black clothing—a full 180 from the all-white fits from earlier. Exuding miraculous self-confidence, they performed their hits “Love Dive,” Kitsch,” “Baddie,” and “AFTER LIKE” in remarkable sequence. 

After a barking praise in feedback to finishing points out, the ladies reviewed the life-altering training course of their very first excursion and just how their anxiousness were reduced as they performed much more. IVE placed their all right into the repetition songs of “OTT” and pumped an additional ruptured of power in their most recent solitary “All Night”—adequate to execute it 5 times in a row with their back-up professional dancers commemorating, dance, and tossing confetti around each various other. The team has time to save prior to they advance on even more global days in their very first globe excursion and carry out at Lollapalooza in August. Nonetheless, IVE’s tale will certainly proceed with their stunning future and all their desires coming to life.

IVE Show What I Have Setlist

  1. “I Am”
  2. “Royal” (Rock ver.)
  3. “Blue Blood”
  4. “Heroine”
  5. “Cherish”
  6. “Eleven”
  7. “Shine With Me”
  8. “Either Way”
  9. “Lips”
  10. “Mine”
  11. “Off the Record”
  12. “7 Rings” (Ariana Grande cover) (GAEUL solo)
  13. “Every Summertime” (Niki cover) (REI solo)
  14. “Wannabe” (Spice Girls cover) (REI & GAEUL duet)
  15. “Reality” (Richard Sanderson cover) (JANGWONYOUNG & LIZ duet)
  16. “Woman Like Me” (Little Mix cover) (ANYUNJIN & LEESEO duet)
  17. “Hypnosis”
  18. “My Satisfaction”
  19. “Love Dive”
  20. “Kitsch”
  21. “Baddie”
  22. “After Like”
  23. “OTT”
  24. “All Night”

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