Stephen A. Smith Reacts to the Disappointing NBA Dunk Contest


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The NBA Dunk Contest that occurred over the weekend break was fairly disappointing, and it proceeded to be so throughout the All-Star Saturday occasion. If the enjoyment worth is going to stay this reduced, the Dunk Contest may have to take a rear seat and allow the three-point contest surface out the occasions.

Jaylen Brown, a gamer for the Boston Celtics, was just one of just 2 energetic NBA gamers that joined the dunk contest. The various other NBA gamer was Jamie Jaquez, a newbie for the Miami Heat that has actually not been understood for his emphasize soaks thus far in his period in the organization. The 2 various other gamers that got involved were Jacob Toppin and in 2014’s champ Mac McClung, both of whom were G-League associate gamers. Toppin, that is the bro of Obi Toppin, an ahead for the Indiana Pacers, won the contest in 2022.

The soaks throughout the evening have actually not caught the information cycles due to the absence of creative thinking and no actual flare within the competitors. Stephen A Smith, Kendrick Perkins, and Shannon Sharpe gone over the disappointing occasion on First Take today. Smith claims the gamer that we have to blame for the Dunk contest being what it is currently is nothing else than LeBron James.

“The one thing Shannon, Shannon I’m so serious about this I’ll shut up about the GOAT debate if you hear me out,” Smith informed Shannon Sharpe that couldn’t think what he was listening to. “The slam dunk contest, I got the stat here Shannon. When we are talking about the slam dunk contest, from 1985 to 1997 five of the slam dunk contests were won by future hall of famers. (Micheal) Jordan twice, (Domonique) Wilkins twice, and Kobe (Bryant) once. Michael Jordan participated in the contest three times. Domonique Wilkins five times. Every high jumper, every Sky Walker, every above-the-rim talent salivated for the opportunity to compete in the slam dunk contest, it stopped when LeBron James said ‘I’m not doing it.’”

Smith’s factor stands. If we check out the degree of exhilaration behind the competitors, from 2010 to 2013 it was still amusing however was shedding its sizzle. Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon altered that in 2014 and 2015; they place on a program with several of the ideal dunks in the last years. After that, the dunk contest virtually ended up being unwatchable to some level.

“And from that point forward, the starts that followed did not feel compelled to prioritize a slam dunk contest. The tradition that was set by other proceeding LeBron James. You know what he did Shannon to rub it in, he did it before layup lines before the game. He did it on purpose, so when we look at the demise of the slam dunk contest from a historical perspective, there is no one who knows basketball who would refute what I’m saying. There is no one that would do it, LeBron James refusing to participate in the dunk contest was the beginning and the spark plug of its demise, period. There is no one that could dispute that.”

The complete weekend break requires a reset, and NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has to identify what requirements to occur to guarantee this occasion in San Fransisco following year and in Los Angeles, the list below year is also worth the journey for NBA Fans. Check out the clip of Stephen A. Smith from today listed below.

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