The Real Family in Hulu’s We Were The Lucky Ones


The writer Georgia Hunter matured hearing that her granduncle maintained a phony penis foreskin handy in situation he needed to reveal evidence that he wasn’t Jewish in Warsaw throughout the Holocaust.

As the tale was informed to Hunter, her loved one, a designer called Adam, was so determined not to be found as Jewish that he stuck a plaster on his participant with an egg white and water blend. When a property owner’s spouse faced him, implicating him of concealing his real identification, he dropped his trousers in front of her. The getup tricked her. The lady said sorry a lot and rushed out of the house.  

That minute, shown in Hunter’s 2017 unique We Were the Lucky Ones, shows up in an episode of the television adjustment of the very same name, out Mar. 28 on Hulu. Adam (played by Sam Woolf) and Hunter’s grandaunt Halina (Joey King) collapse in laughs after that at the excellent sizes he mosted likely to conceal his Jewish identification. But it was simply among lots of life-and-death scenarios that Adam and his family encountered attempting to survive throughout the Holocaust.

The unique and Hulu program are motivated by the Kurc family, Hunter’s real great-grandparents and their 5 kids that obtained divided when the Germans attacked Poland in 1939. The eight-episode collection is everything about their initiatives ahead back with each other, and just how they take care of to endure and rejoin after the battle. Showrunners reached sweat off of a years of research study that Hunter, a co-executive manufacturer, provided for the unique, like narrative histories readily available through USC’s Shoah Foundation. And numerous scenes in the motion picture are recreated from family photos that Hunter located for many years around the world.

Hunter initially found out that her grandpa Addy (Logan Lerman), an author and designer that lived in France when the battle initially burst out, originated from a lengthy line of Holocaust survivors while doing a family background project in secondary school. She after that represented the family’s chronicler, attempting to discover as much concerning this dark phase in her family members’ lives. Sheet songs for her grandpa’s initial success “The List” still exists, and Lerman plays a passage in the Hulu program (plus there’s a 1930s recording of it on SoundCloud.)

Joey King and Logan Lerman in We Were the Lucky OnesHulu

Through her research study, Hunter found out that her granduncle Geneck had a child with his spouse in a gulag in Siberia. Hunter located transcribed summaries of his time in Siberia at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. 

Adam, that maintained the phony foreskin, made phony IDs for participants of the below ground resistance motion. His spouse Halina, attempted to secure her moms and dads by obtaining them tasks at a gunpowder manufacturing facility and after that located them a family they might conceal with throughout the period of the battle. 

Hunter’s grandaunt Mila, her grandpa’s sis, needed to take care of concealing her Jewish identification in Warsaw and concealing her young child called Felicia. She placed her in a convent, colored her hair blonde and altered her name to Barbara. During the day, she functioned a collection of ruthless tasks, and as one disastrous scene in episode 6 programs, a homemaker that Mila is helping tosses a flower holder at her head—a tale Hunter states obtained given in her family. Mila contributed a few of the war time gowns that Felicia used to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust background gallery in Israel, and a reproduction of a gown Felicia used with the phony name “Barbara” sewed on it shows up in the program.

On Mar. 26, Hunter and her relative collected in Washington, D.C. to contribute the family archive to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum so it can educate future scholarship. Among the significant artefacts are family images, the phony IDs and documents that Adam and Halina utilized to claim they were wed, and Hunter’s grandpa Addy’s snakeskin pocketbook, where he maintained decreased visas, armed forces documents, wellness documents—different records he utilized to attempt and leave France and come in someplace much safer.

26 March 2024, Kurc family artifact donation and screening of We Were the Lucky Ones.
A snakeskin pocketbook that endured the Holocaust. It came from Addy Kurc, the grandpa of Georgia Hunter, writer of ‘We Were the Lucky Ones’ and co-executive manufacturer of the Hulu collection by the very same name.United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Hunter wishes learning more about the Holocaust via the tale of one normal family’s remarkable trip will certainly make a substantial, challenging background a lot more relatable. The collection, she states, “allows us just that.” The episodes “shed light on what’s happening across borders today,” she states, including that she wishes visitors will certainly come away with even more compassion for evacuees.

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