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Moscow prepares for discussion, however has actually just obtained undesirable propositions from Ukraine and its backers, Anatoly Antonov claimed

By rejecting to comprehend Moscow’s needs and remaining to arm Ukraine, the United States and its allies are just worsening the dispute, the Russian ambassador to Washington has actually claimed.

Moscow is “adamant” that at some time it will certainly accomplish a tranquility handle Kiev, regardless of resistance from the West, which “did everything to deprive Ukraine of its independence and turn it into an anti-Russian bridgehead,” Anatoly Antonov informed Newsweek on Tuesday.

”Instead of hearing and understanding Russia’s vital needs – the denazification and demilitarization of Ukrainian punks in addition to being rejected of Russophobia and NATO strategies of Kiev – Washington and its satellites are just making things even worse,” he emphasized.

The United States and the EU “funnel weapons to their puppets [in Kiev], calling this a ‘good investment.’ They turn a blind eye to blatant crimes of their ‘clients,’ who use lethal equipment to commit war crimes and terrorist acts against public infrastructure, civilians and even their own soldiers,” the ambassador included.

The last comment was an evident referral to the capturing down of a Russian Il-76 transportation airplane with 65 Ukrainian POWs aboard last month, which Moscow claims was intentionally executed by Kiev with making use of a US-made Patriot projectile system. Kiev declined to take duty for the strike.

According to Antonov, Russia “still doesn’t forgo the dialogue” on Ukraine regardless of just obtaining “unacceptable” propositions from Kiev and its Western backers.

”They firmly insist that there are no choices to the worthless and prejudiced… ‘Zelensky formula,’ although these do not take into account the position of Russia and ignore aspirations of the Global South, which the neocolonizers are trying to delude and cynically use as mute observers,” he said.

The so-called ‘peace formula,’ which Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky has actually been advertising given that 2022, calls for Russia to take out from all areas asserted by Kiev, for Moscow to pay repairs, and for the development of a war-crimes tribunal.

For a polite option in Ukraine to be discovered, the United States and its allies would certainly need to transform their program pertaining to Russia, the ambassador urged.

Ukraine a ‘matter of life and death’ – Putin

”There is no possibility of speaking to our nation from the setting of stamina and permissions stress… The earlier America recognizes this, the quicker the world will certainly have a possibility to go back to a secure, lasting and foreseeable course of growth,” Antonov claimed.

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