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In a speech to black university grads on Saturday, US President Joe Biden identified ‘white supremacy’ one of the most dangerous terrorist hazard to the US. The declaration – which is negated by criminal offense data – was condemned by traditional experts.

“White supremacy… is the single most dangerous terrorist threat in our homeland,” Biden informed grads from Howard University, a traditionally black college (HBCU) in Washington DC.

“I’m not just saying this because I’m at a black HBCU. I say this wherever I go,” Biden proceeded. “Fearless progress toward justice often means ferocious pushback from the oldest and most sinister of forces. That’s because hate never goes away… it only hides under the rocks.”

Throughout his time in workplace, Biden has actually typically spoken up the hazard of white supremacy, asserting that idea in the prevalence of the white race inspired previous President Donald Trump’s fans to trouble at the US Capitol in January 2021. The US head of state likewise proclaimed in 2014 that black individuals reside in anxiety of being “gunned down by weapons of war deployed in a racist cause.”

In mid-2021, the Biden management released the US federal government’s very first National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism, which called “racially motivated violent extremists” as well as anti-government extremists as “the two most lethal elements of today’s domestic terrorism threat.”

According to FBI criminal offense data, the standard Howard University grad is 11 times most likely to be killed by a participant of their very own race than a white criminal. While African-Americans devote most of all fierce criminal offense in the US, many criminal offense – whether devoted by white or black Americans – is intraracial.

Biden’s declaration was condemned by traditional experts, that charged the head of state of making use of disruptive unsupported claims to get ballots.

“The Democratic Party spent most of the 19th Century and much of the 20th using overt racism to win elections,” liberal lobbyist Jon Miltimore tweeted, including that “They are doing it again in the 21st century. The racism just looks a lot different than the 19th century version.”

Journalist Julie Kelly called Biden a “pathological liar” as well as charged him of fueling “dangerous racial division.”

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