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World’s Largest Crocodile In Captivity Celebrates 120th Birthday


The crocodile resides at Marineland Crocodile Park on Green Island in Queensland

Cassius, the world’s largest crocodile in captivity, residing at Marineland Crocodile Park on Green Island in Queensland, Australia, celebrated his 120th birthday this week, ABC News reported.  The nearly18-foot-long saltwater large has been residing on the park since 1987 and holds the title of the most important crocodile on the planet in keeping with Guinness World Records.

Celebrating the milestone, Cassius loved the last word birthday treats: hen and tuna, that are his favorite.

“He was a big old gnarly crocodile then… crocs of that size are not normal. He was 16 feet, 10 inches with at least another 6 inches of tail missing and a bit of a snout missing”, crocodile researcher Graeme Webb, who was one of the people tasked with catching the beastly reptile told ABC.

He added that Cassius was estimated to be somewhere between 30 and 80 years old at the time of his capture in 1984 in the Finniss River of Australia’s Northern Territory.

“He’s fairly presumably over a century — perhaps 120 years,” he said.

Toody Scott, whose grandfather brought Cassius to Green Island in 1987, also said that the crocodile is around 120 years old based on estimates by researchers. 

Even now, at the age of around 120, Cassius “still has a lot of spark in him,” Mr Scott stated.

Despite his age, Cassius displays outstanding vitality, proving to be one of many park’s liveliest and most participating reptiles. 

”Generally, the large outdated reptiles are likely to type of be fairly docile and disinterested. Cassius is at all times up for interplay. He’s considered one of our liveliest crocs and really participating. Anytime he sees you, he desires to come back and say g’day and his eyes gentle up,” Mr Scott added.

Cassius additionally had some big-name guests, together with the late Queen Elizabeth II, Chinese President Xi Jinping, the King of Thailand, and former prime minister Scott Morrison.

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